Saturday, October 29, 2005

WorldNetDaily: College doctors photograph of gun-toting Ward Churchill

And just when you thought you'd seen everything...

We all remember Ward Churchill, plagiarist and all-around moonbat. But as bad as he is, the antics of certain other career academics is worse. He is scheduled to deliver his controversial "roosting chickens" speech at Shoreline Community College (Seattle, WA) on November 8. On Shoreline's Web site, they chose to show one of Ward Churchill's publicity photos. Except that they took a photo of him that originally showed him carrying an AK-47 rifle, and electronically erased the rifle and the portion of his arm with which he was holding it.

When WorldNetDaily caught the alteration and inquired about it, Shoreline took the photo off their site--but not before WND had captured a screenshot of the Web page.

Ironically, the college officials now say that they erased the gun from the Churchill photograph, not because they wanted to spare him the embarrassment of using a photograph suggesting that he is a traitor, but because they don't endorse the private ownership of firearms. Apparently they didn't want to endorse smoking, either--so they couldn't use the publicity shot of him holding a cigarette. But instead of simply asking for another publicity photograph, they took it upon themselves to alter one of the photographs they had. That was a disservice, not so much to Churchill as to the rest of us.

What will such people do next? Alter a conservative's photograph to show him carrying a gun when he wasn't? Or maybe they'll doctor a photograph to create a sexual compromise.

If you can't trust a photograph now, what can you trust?


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