Monday, September 17, 2007

WorldNetDaily: Chuck Norris Reports from Iraq

And what he has to report, you won't read in the Mainstream Media. "Morale is up--way up!" He should know: he's on USO tour, and has personally met with 10,000 soldiers. He also has been to Iraq before the surge, so when he says that the surge is working, he knows what he's talking about.

Pay attention, the next time your Senator or Representative deliberately tries to make you war-weary, and then waves a bunch of push-poll results on the floor of his/her respective House saying that you're war-weary. And remember this along with the Democrats' incredible argumentum ad hominem against General David Petraeus.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Do We Have The Will To Win? -- Linda Chavez -- GOPUSA

Linda Chavez wonders whether Americans have the stomach for a long war--a good question, considering the nitwits that our fellow citizens continue to elect. What would have happened if the Senate had treated "Ike" the way it treated General Petraeus this week? Maybe Ike wouldn't have kept Patton on such a short leash...!

Sadly, the Senate's behavior is not--entirely--without precedent. Consider General Curtis E. LeMay USAF, head of the Strategic Air Command and subsequently Chief of Staff of the Air Force. The world thinks he was a power-mad tyrant, and for no better reason than that he was the head of SAC for all those years, and made SAC what it was.

And I'm also reminded of the way Hollywood began to treat four-star generals, beginning in 1965 with Burt Lancaster's ultimately unflattering portrait of an Air Force Chief of Staff (and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs). In fact, that committee hearing, and especially Senator Hillary Clinton's behavior, reminded me of that scene in which Burt Lancaster, in his four-star Air Force glory, has to state the obvious to a gaggle of geese--excuse me, Senators--who can't stand to hear it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The President speaks, and the Democrats whine

The President made his speech tonight, and it was short and sweet. General Petraeus was able to recommend drawing down US forces in Iraq to where they were before the great "surge," and the President accepted that. The President also asked Congress--meaning the Democrats--to be reasonable, and as I might have predicted, the Democrats are having none of it.

Senator Jack Reed's (D-RI) statement that US policies only make our security worse remains, like virtually everything else the Democrats have said, more asserted than proved. And his accusation that we will "always" have 130,000 troops in-theater is a total straw man. The President never said that. He implied that we might establish a garrison in Iraq, but 130,000 troops are far more than a garrison, and the Democrats know it--or they should.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Creationism gains foothold in schools

British schools, that is: this article is from the London Times.

Sadly, this article contains a number of factual errors:

  1. Intelligent design, which is the actual subject that Her Majesty's government is thinking of introducing to their government schools, is not the same thing as creationism. Creationism explicitly speaks of God. Intelligent Design says only that the world has a "designed" quality to it, without regard to Who the Design-er might be.
  2. The "religious right" understands the difference between Intelligent Design and creationism. I certainly will acknowledge promoting the latter--but not the former. Or at least, not what is understood by that term, which one might better label restricted intelligent design.
  3. Evolution was never the basis of biology. At most, it was a sideline, relevant only to taxonomy. And taxonomy has never been an exact science. Read any taxonomic journal, and note the often uncivil tone that rival taxonomists often take with one another.
That said, any development that might eventually cause people to reject evolution as the logically fallacious (not to mention fraudulent) house of cards that it is, is welcome.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

'Confronting the Death Arriving From the West' – Santa Claus in Algeria

That's right: Santa Claus! An Algerian op-ed writer is all in a lather because someone dressed in a Santa Claus suit, driving a sleigh drawn by a team of goats, was handing out presents in the streets of the town of Tizi Ouzo--and prclaiming the Name of Jesus Christ, according to the writer as quoted in this article from MEMRI.

Considering that Santa Claus is a mythical figure--and mainly an American mythical figure--this is crybaby time.

Hey--if that opinionist wants something to cry about, I'd give him something, all right. How about the real Saint Nicholas--who was not jolly, was never an elf, and who wasn't namby-pamby, either. I mean, we're talking about a guy who destroyed pagan temples and personally intervened to stop an execution--even going so far as to wrestle the executioner's sword from him. Saint Nicholas, were he alive today, would be leading a movement to blow up mosques--not with worshipers in them, either, because his mission would be the destruction of an edifice to false religion, not the killing of its misguided proponents. He knew how to be militant when militancy was called for.

So how 'bout it, Mister Al-Crybaby? You want a militant Christian; I'd love to give you one. How would you like them dates? And by the way: I eat pork chops for dinner.

Thursday, December 28, 2006 - North Carolina State Bar Files Ethics Complaint Against Duke Lacrosse Rape Prosecutor Mike Nifong - Local News | News Articles | Nationa

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. District Attorney Mike Nifong has done so many egregious things in his handling of the rape allegations against three Duke University lacrosse players, that he had to be breaking some rules somewhere. Those who follow a pattern of bad-faith behavior will, sooner or later, go over the line in a way that even the most complacent authorities can no longer ignore. And that's what's happened now: Mike Nifong is in trouble--serious trouble--with the North Carolina Bar Association, who may be the only ones who can proceed against him, thanks to "prosecutorial immunity."

Here is a complete time-line of events surrounding the March 13 wild party, its aftermath, and the investigation of same.Note these key dates:

  • March 24: Investigators take DNA samples from 46 of 47 lacrosse players
  • April 10: Defense lawyers say DNA test results failed to connect lacrosse players to alleged rape
And then--more than six months later--we learn that the DNA test results are worse than inconclusive: they are well-nigh exculpatory. Not only do they show that Mike Nifong has got the wrong dudes, but they also show that five other dudes did it, if "it" was in fact anything more serious than a few rolls in the hay.

Sportsfans, if that isn't a vindictive misuse of the prerogatives of governmental office, I don't know what is.

Understand this: that still doesn't excuse the incredibly bad judgment that the Duke lax team captain showed in having a stripper come to his rented house to entertain him and his teammates. And those boys are still blessed that she didn't sink a knife into one of their bellies, or their backs. Not that I have any reason to suspect that this particular accuser would do such a thing. It's just that you never know with perfect strangers whom you invite into your house to get very-very-personal with. Do that often enough, and sooner or later you're going to get yourself seriously hurt or killed. It's that simple. Compared to that sort of thing, even a malicious, bad-faith prosecution is something, frankly, to be thankful for, just for not being worse.

All the same, though I dislike the sort of guy who would hire a prostitute--or someone very much like a prostitute, such as an ecdysiast--I dislike abusive government authorities even more.

Friday, December 22, 2006

News 14 Carolina | Rape charges dropped in Duke case

From a local television station.

So the Duke Three are no longer charged with rape--because now the accuser "can't remember" whether any of them penetrated her or not, and thus the State cannot prove rape beyond a reasonable doubt. And yet District Attorney Mike Nifong still wants to charge those boys with kidnap and sexual assault.

I have said before: Never, repeat never, get involved with strippers. Ecdysiasm is a form of prostitution, and you never know what a prostitute is going to do. I myself had some school chums get themselves killed in Boston's Red Light District after the Yale-Harvard Game of 1976. They made a deal with a prostitute, who then lifted one of their wallets, and when they tried to get the wallet back, her pimp knifed them to death. Sweet. Those Duke boys ought to hold themselves blessed that they still live after their gross error in judgment.

And what was that error in judgment? Where they got into trouble is in:

  1. Hiring a stripper,
  2. Who happened to be black, they being white,
  3. In a year when the DA was up for re-election and had a Large Black Base,
  4. To say nothing of the desire of criminal prosecutors everywhere to nab the Great White Defendant to burnish their liberal credentials.
Now since then we've heard that the DNA samples, which were supposed to have been inconclusive, actually not only exonerates those boys, but also suggests that the accuser had been with five other men--not one of whom was one of those three boys, nor indeed anyone else at that party.

But that doesn't matter to District Attorney Nifong. No, sir. Nor does it matter to the local community. You see, legal technicalities don't matter when sex and race are involved.

Something to think about, guys, the next time you think that hiring someone to take her clothes off in front of you is "good clean fun."