Friday, January 05, 2007

Creationism gains foothold in schools

British schools, that is: this article is from the London Times.

Sadly, this article contains a number of factual errors:

  1. Intelligent design, which is the actual subject that Her Majesty's government is thinking of introducing to their government schools, is not the same thing as creationism. Creationism explicitly speaks of God. Intelligent Design says only that the world has a "designed" quality to it, without regard to Who the Design-er might be.
  2. The "religious right" understands the difference between Intelligent Design and creationism. I certainly will acknowledge promoting the latter--but not the former. Or at least, not what is understood by that term, which one might better label restricted intelligent design.
  3. Evolution was never the basis of biology. At most, it was a sideline, relevant only to taxonomy. And taxonomy has never been an exact science. Read any taxonomic journal, and note the often uncivil tone that rival taxonomists often take with one another.
That said, any development that might eventually cause people to reject evolution as the logically fallacious (not to mention fraudulent) house of cards that it is, is welcome.

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