Friday, December 22, 2006

News 14 Carolina | Rape charges dropped in Duke case

From a local television station.

So the Duke Three are no longer charged with rape--because now the accuser "can't remember" whether any of them penetrated her or not, and thus the State cannot prove rape beyond a reasonable doubt. And yet District Attorney Mike Nifong still wants to charge those boys with kidnap and sexual assault.

I have said before: Never, repeat never, get involved with strippers. Ecdysiasm is a form of prostitution, and you never know what a prostitute is going to do. I myself had some school chums get themselves killed in Boston's Red Light District after the Yale-Harvard Game of 1976. They made a deal with a prostitute, who then lifted one of their wallets, and when they tried to get the wallet back, her pimp knifed them to death. Sweet. Those Duke boys ought to hold themselves blessed that they still live after their gross error in judgment.

And what was that error in judgment? Where they got into trouble is in:

  1. Hiring a stripper,
  2. Who happened to be black, they being white,
  3. In a year when the DA was up for re-election and had a Large Black Base,
  4. To say nothing of the desire of criminal prosecutors everywhere to nab the Great White Defendant to burnish their liberal credentials.
Now since then we've heard that the DNA samples, which were supposed to have been inconclusive, actually not only exonerates those boys, but also suggests that the accuser had been with five other men--not one of whom was one of those three boys, nor indeed anyone else at that party.

But that doesn't matter to District Attorney Nifong. No, sir. Nor does it matter to the local community. You see, legal technicalities don't matter when sex and race are involved.

Something to think about, guys, the next time you think that hiring someone to take her clothes off in front of you is "good clean fun."