Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pelosi rejects Hastings bid to head committee�|�Politics News�|�Reuters.com

From Reuters.

That's right--Nancy Pelosi has, for reasons she has not so far disclosed, refused to advance Alcee Hastings to the chairmanship of the House Standing Committee on Intelligence.

Nancy Pelosi will never convince me that she has had a true change of heart (and I don't care what any moonbats over at Daily Kos might think about this). But perhaps she didn't think that Alcee Hastings, or any votes he might or might not represent, was worth picking a fight with the Republicans over. Or maybe "Judge" Hastings said one wrong word too many in Ms. Pelosi's face and thus landed on her excrement list. Or maybe she has something else in mind for him--so watch out.

She has not said whom she will name instead to that committee. Jane Harmon was supposed to be next in line--but she and Nancy evidently knew one another in grade school and still regard one another with mutual detestation from those days. So who knows?