Friday, December 08, 2006

Actor James Brolin Latest Celebrity To Publicly Doubt 9/11

I never thought I'd be linking to anything from They actually believe this silliness that James Brolin is now promulgating. But, hey! They're the only textual source on the Web right now--though Rush Limbaugh has just attested to Brolin's speech on ABC's The View on his radio program.

Now for those of you who are asking, "James who?": James Brolin is the second husband of Barbra Streisand, and is just as liberal as she is. Some have suggested that he wasn't always like that.

But you might want to read this article in the Wikipedia about a motion picture that Brolin (and, by either coincidence or design, Babs' first husband Elliott Gould) appeared in in the late 1970's: Capricorn One. In that film, NASA is setting up the first crewed mission to Mars (using equipment identical to that of Project Apollo), only to learn at the last minute that the life-support system aboard "Capricorn One" is inherently flawed and will only kill the crew within three weeks. NASA's solution: fake the shoot. James Brolin appears as the Capricorn One Mission Commander, and Elliott Gould appears as a Houston-based reporter covering the mission, who figures out that the mission is a hoax. Worse than that, NASA plans to kill the astronauts when their empty capsule burns up on re-entry (and whether that was intended or not, the film never explains). By movie's end, Brolin, the sole survivor of the fake mission (and rescued by Gould with help from a wisecracking Telly Savalas), shows up at Arlington National Cemetery to confront the Administrator of NASA in front of the President and also in front of millions of people.

Sportsfans, that sort of thing ought to have given you a clue about James Brolin way back then. But in case you needed a further clue, Brolin portrayed (or rather, mis-portrayed) President Reagan in the phony biopic about the Reagans, the one that CBS had to farm out to their sister network, Showtime.

So if James Brolin is out there saying that the US government blew up the World Trade Center in order to frame the Arabs, then this is all of a piece with his portrait of a US astronaut forced to participate in faking out a world about a crewed space mission and then dodging bullets to expose the hoax and redeem the honor of his men. Maybe he's hoping to land another movie role...