Wednesday, December 13, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Charlie Sheen taints carol into 'Joy to Fornication'

WARNING! This article quotes Charlie Sheen's revised lyrics to Joy to the World, and they will likely offend people's sensibilities. Parental judgment and discretion are advised!

Having said the above: Of all the goof-ball things that our silly cultural mavens have even done, this is the worst. Excuse me? A man counts it as "joy" because he's going to have sexual intercourse? If that's all that any man has to look forward to, I pity such a man--not to mention the woman who allows herself to be the instrument of his (momentary) pleasure.

The head of Life Decisions International is protesting, of course. I can't blame him. Those lyrics speak directly to an issue he is raising--that we ought not encourage fornication. But--excuse me while I make another observation--why bother to watch that kind of tripe anyway? This is another reason to block CBS from your TV dial, lock the TV up with a key that only the parents are authorized to carry, or even throw the TV into the dumpster and have done with it.