Wednesday, December 13, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Death threat: Tancredo cancels Miami speech

That's right: Tom Tancredo was coming to Miami to clarify and expand on his earlier remarks, and to show exactly why he said that Miami was like a third-world city-state. And what happens?
The manager of the restaurant where Tancredo was to speak, the Rusty Pelican on Key Biscayne, said Wednesday that the owners didn't want him to appear on Thursday in order to keep up the integrity and reputation of the business. The manager also said staff members objected to working the party where his immigration talk was supposed to be held, some customers threatened to boycott the restaurant, and the restaurant had received bomb threats.
And so, too, did the staff of Tom Tancredo's office.

"Integrity and reputation of the business"? Employees refusing to work the party? Well, see here: didn't Cassandra Peterson once say that her favorite way to scare people was to:

Go into the kitchens of trendy Los Angeles restaurants and shout, "ImmigraciĆ²n!" Gets them every time.
I guess it would "get" them in Miami, too. To the point that they want to assassinate the key man in front of this issue.

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