Friday, June 30, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Operation Rescue buys abortion clinic

Not to operate, of course, but to shut it down and turn the building into a memorial for aborted children.

And what they discovered after they completed the transaction will really turn your stomach. PJADAA.

You have to love people who think outside of the box--and that is what Operation Rescue did. An abortion mill in Wichita, KS, had fallen several months behind in its rent on the building out of which it operated. The landlord wanted to sell--why, the article doesn't say. My guess: he was fed up with the arrears and wanted out.

So Operation Rescue arranged for a third party to make an offer on the building--but to state as a condition of the sale that the current tenant would not be retained. And the landlord said, "Fine with me"--or words to that effect.

Interestingly, the abortion mill operators mysteriously came up with the back rent and stated that they wanted to renew their lease. But by then the building was under escrow. Too late!

So the abortion mill had to move out--and then Operation Rescue was able to tour what was now "their" building.

Yuck! They flushed their pre-born victims down the sink! Norma McCorvey, furthermore, confirmed that this was a common practice. Read the article for yourselves; it even has a picture of that sink with its garbage dispose-all, which plainly was inadequate to the task. And that was only one violation of basic standards of cleanliness. Only an abortion mill can get away with this, sportsfans. Any minor-surgery clinic that dared let blood soak into the carpets, and failed to maintain its walls properly, would be shut down in a Kansas City minute.

Now say what you will about the methods that Operation Rescue used to publicize their anti-abortion message, and how their publicity efforts caused the abortion mill to lose so much business that they couldn't pay the rent, which (maybe) caused the landlord to get fed up and put his building up for sale. Say what you will about that--and then tell me how you can possibly defend any business that disposes of human remains in an unlawful manner, and leaves blood all over the carpet.

I'd say that this building has already served the purpose of making people remember what happens in abortion, even before Operation Rescue has a chance to re-decorate it and re-dedicate it.

OpinionJournal - News that is Fit and Unfit to Print

The editors of The Wall Street Journal set the record straight on the different governance of the News and Editorial divisions at the Journal, the different standards of ethics at the Journal and the Times, the Times' tendency to try to hide behind the Journal's skirts, and more broadly, when should a newspaper refrain from publishing a sensitive story, especially in wartime. Pour a cup of coffee, sit down, and prepare for a long and careful read. It's worth it.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

OpinionJournal - The Kaine Mutiny

That's Governor Tim Kaine, Democrat of Virginia. Like his predecessor, he tried to persuade a Republican-dominated Commonwealth legislature to raise taxes. Unlike his predecessor, he failed. The reasons, according to Fred Barnes at The Weekly Standard, are twofold:
  1. Republicans who had broken ranks before, and voted with Mark Warner, got burned. Three of them didn't come back, and the fourteen who did were properly chastened.
  2. Tim Kaine might have overcome such resistance had he been friendlier with Republicans. He was not. He shut them out of his social activities. Naturally, they had nothing to lose by opposing him on this measure.
Add to it that Tim Kaine delivered the stiffest, most boring Democratic Response to a Republican State of the Union address since the Opposition Response custom began, and you need not wonder why Tim Kaine did not get his way this time.

OpinionJournal - DeLay's Revenge

The Wall Street Journal so names it because Tom DeLay had pushed the hardest for the redrawing of Texas district lines after a new Republican legislature came into office in 2002. The Supreme Court let it stand, except for one minor alteration to be required in a district boundary.

WorldNetDaily: Chem warfare claimed in showdown at Gaza

That's right--and the Palestinians themselves have boasted of firing a chemical warhead into Israel.

That cancels all bargains--or it should.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


And this is from the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

For any Standing Committee of the US Senate to criticize a major wire service report is highly unusual--in fact, unprecedented, as far as I can remember. At issue is this report from the AP, claiming that a number of scientists had given Al Gore's latest documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, "five stars for accuracy."

In response, the Environment and Public Works Committee slams Gore for some of the most outrageous claims he has made--and slams the AP even harder for letting Gore take them in on those and other claims.

Finally the Republican majority in the Senate (and better yet, one of its key committees) exposes environmentalistic "junk science" for what it is. The press release even gives some links. (Unhappily, none of them are "hot"; you'll have to paste them into your browser's "Go" field yourself.)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Limbaugh clowns about Viagra stop

Here's an update on Limbaugh being held up at the Palm Beach Airport:
I've been racking my brain. I'm trying to figure out how Bob Dole's luggage got on my airplane.
Limbaugh then made a pun that is so bad that I have to warn you: PJADAA. He finished up by saying that the Customs people didn't believe him when he said that those little blue pills were "blue M&M's" from the Clinton Library. Zounds!

Only in America, and only from Rush Limbaugh...

New Evidence Emerges in Haditha Case

And the evidence, which is quite compelling, exonerates those Marines. They were attacked, and they responded. Civilians died because insurgents deliberately place them at risk.

This illustrates two things:

  1. We shouldn't be so "hasty to believe flying reports to the disparagement" of our fighting forces, as George Washington might have said.
  2. We deal here with people who consider their own people expendable.

Life in an Islamist US - The Boston Globe

Jeff Jacoby reviews a new book, Prayers for the Assassin, that describes in stark terms what a Wahabbist United States--excuse me, "Islamic Republic of America"--would look like, and what it would be like to live in one.

Now Mr. Jacoby still seems to believe in something called "a moderate Muslim." I have my doubts. I believe that the original Sheikh al-Wahhab, who laid the basis for the Saudi usurpation of the Kingdom of Arabia from the original Hashemite kings, was simply applying the Koran as it is actually written.

The following excerpt, however, is worth discussing in a context wider than simply a dystopian vision of Islam's plans for America:

Don't tell me about the old days, girl, I lived through them. Drugs sold on street corners. Guns everywhere. God driven out of the schools and courthouses. Births without marriage, rich and poor, so many bastards you wouldn't believe me. A country without shame. Alcohol sold in supermarkets. Babies killed in the womb, tens of millions of them.... We are not perfect, not by any measure, but I would not go back to those days for anything.
Now aside from the "guns everywhere" canard--an apparent reference to a future in which only enforcers of the law (civil and religious) have guns--all of those complaints are valid. (Yes, even the one about alcoholic beverages sold in supermarkets. To those of you who say that God made wine, I answer: It was grape juice, and what we call "wine" today is grape juice gone bad.) That's the secular influence. Christians would have just as much complaint against such things as Muslims do. The difference is that Christians do not fly planes into buildings.

National Review: Make The New York Times Pay

Pay how? National Review Online suggests an investigation for espionage and revocation of their press accreditation. The latter would hit them where they live.

NRO suggests that the real targets ought to be those persons who, for whatever motives, revealed this information to the Times to begin with. That's good for starters. But I'd like to see the paper shut down for what it did. It's a useless rag, anyway, good for wrapping fish with, but little else.

WorldNetDaily: Limbaugh detained for having Viagra

The problem, if you call it that: Rush Limbaugh had Viagra (sildenafil/Pfizer) prescribed to him, but labeled as having been issued to his two doctors to protect his privacy. But that left him open to a charge of "possession of prescription medications without a prescription."

This has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. And before any of you remind me that federal Immigration and Customs agents, not Palm Beach County Assistant DA's or sheriff's deputies, were the ones who confiscated his Viagra pills and held him at Palm Beach Airport for three hours, let me remind you in turn that Bush has some people in his administration that are sabotaging him at every turn. Maybe some of them might want to trump up some smuggling charge against Rush so that the Palm Beach County DA would have an excuse to renege on his settlement agreement with Rush. That is only logical to suppose considering everything else that these cross-purposes workers have done lately--such as spilling classified information to a newspaper that has become a creature of the enemy.

And while I'm on the subject: if those Immigration and Customs agents spent more time looking for MS-13 gangsters at the border--and stopping them from laundering money to rig elections--instead of looking for little blue pills in the luggage of the number-one conservative commentator in the country, maybe this country would be a lot safer.

Monday, June 26, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Congressman urges: Indict N.Y. Times!

That's right: a US Representative--in fact, he's the Chairman of the House Standing Committee on Homeland Security--has suggested that what The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times did was tantamount to treason, and they ought to be so charged.

Snarlin' Arlen Specter doesn't see it that way, of course--but then we're beginning to see whose side he's on, aren't we?

At a minimum, the President needs to clean house--White House, that is--and the CIA, too.

OpinionJournal - Worst of All Worlds

That, according to John Fund, is what Representative Jack Murtha (D-12th of PA) is to the Democrats, and what he would be to the country if he ever got near the post of Majority Floor Leader in the House. His sins go further than his ridiculous statements on matters of war and peace. He has an Abscam record, and evidently he has been trying to make Congress less accountable, not more, to the public ever since.

But he has the support of that maniac Markos Moulitsas and his equally mad crowd at Daily Kos (sorry, no link--some things ought never be linked). That, says Fund, has gone to his head--though I wonder whether, if the Kos weren't around, Jack Murtha wouldn't have invented him.

This November, the people of the Twelfth District have a decision to make. If Jack Murtha is their idea of a good Congressman, then shame on them.

OpinionJournal - Saddam's WMD

Senator Rick Santorum and Representative Peter Hoekstra speak out, for the record, in their own names. The President would do well to take their advice: tell the world that Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction, that our forces did find them, and the international journalist community needs to get un-stuck from stupid.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

OpinionJournal - A Net Loser

The topic is "Net neutrality", the notion that the government ought to enforce a rule that no Web site ought to be any more or less accessible to an Internet user than any other site.

When Representative Edward Markey (D-MA) first proposed this in the House, I was immediately suspicious. Edward Markey is reponsible for some of the worst proposals in the history of the House regarding telecommunications and electronic media. Anything of his that comes before the House, I normally write off as just another example of "Markey's Malarkey."

Net neutrality is no different. This piece begins with an innocent mistake by Cox Communications that blew up into a talking point on the House floor--and even the Webmaster of the site at issue doesn't blame Cox for a security foul-up that cut his site off from Cox's clients. And then it gets to the real issue: as ISP's prepare to roll out ever-more-sophisticated content pass-through systems, they want to make extra-good access available to certain content providers for a nominal fee. And understand this: if the providers pay nothing, then users get the same access that they get today--whereas if they pay the freight, then a user can point his browser to the site involved, and boom! there it is, faster than you can say, "Jack Robinson."

Well, took exception to that and started getting out their little black book of easy marks. Among the marks they've found are,, and, to my shame and flabbergastation, the Christian Coalition and a few similar sites. To the latter I say: Do not--I repeat, do not--climb into bed with your ideological enemies. The Bible says that people will know you for the company you keep. And they will definitely know you for the things you advocate--and if you advocate what amounts to theft or wrongful covetousness, that can only damage your witness.

To and, I have nothing to say, no more than I would have to say to Ed Markey, even did he represent me in Congress. (I'd sooner move out than have to apply to the likes of him for any kind of "Congressional constituent service"!) And to, I say: For an organization that kowtowed to the ChiComs and created a special Chinese site with the truth blocked, you're a fine organization to talk about the truth!

Friday, June 23, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Appeals court agrees: Tear down that cross

Yep, they're a circus! That's--you guessed it--the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling in a case of a memorial cross in Mount Soledad, CA. That cross has stood for half a century--and now the courts have ordered it torn down, because atheists are complaining.

Time was when the existence of God was a universally understood thing. Now it is a controversy. Sooner than you think, it will be a thing denied by the state--until the day when the world gets a cult figure to lead it, who says that he is God.

Before that happens, we may take St. Paul's example ("Is it lawful to scourge a man who is a Roman, and uncondemned?") and press the case all the way to the Supremes.

The groundbreaking began in Arizona this Memorial Day weekend!!!

From the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps.

Here's an update: a number of Mexican nationals have damaged the fence over part of its length. I received the following directly from the MCDC Border Fence Project:

The new fence already was vandalized in 19 places over 3/8 of a mile. Local rancher John Ladd tracked the vandals to a section of the US border fence that was torn down and where they ran back to Mexico. John said "Someone in Mexico must have known what was going on because groups from Mexico that support open borders were there with cameras taking pictures even before we knew of the damage and they have not been back since."

Carmen Mercer, with MCDC was not happy the fence was damaged and said "she will continue to turn her frustration with the lack of law enforcement towards more action…It took a lot of work from many volunteers and a lot of devotion and a lot of commitment over the Memorial Day weekend to get this far."

Despite the vandalism Minuteman Civil Defense Corp forges ahead with its mission…The damage has been repaired and since the vandalism, Minuteman volunteers have been on watch, making sure nobody else crosses illegally to vandalize again.

The communique that I received stated that the Minutemen are re-registering their new volunteer fence-builders and requiring stricter background checks to make sure that no one bent on sabotage can infiltrate their construction gangs.

Furthermore, the sections of the fence that are already up have already reduced local border-related crime:

Local reports indicate that drug and human trafficking has already been reduced. There are fewer vehicles in the area where the fence is under construction—proving again that having a presence and taking positive steps to do SOMETHING to secure the border reduces the flow of illegal aliens, potential terrorists, drug and human traffickers, murderers, rapists and thieves in these areas.
To which I add: You know you're having a positive effect when someone tries, literally, to tear down your work.

Want to join the Minutemen in this effort? Click here.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WorldNetDaily: 'Godless' causes liberals to pray ... for a book burning

Ann Coulter is back in action, and in her usual top form. She opens thus:
I dedicate this column to John Murtha, the reason soldiers invented fragging.
Zounds! The only reason I can't--quite--approve of that statement is that I am not dead sure of the motive for fragging. It could have been a treasonous motive--in which case the real reason Vietnam-era draftees invented fragging was General John C. "Westy" Westmoreland, and he would not be an honorable reason.

And while I'm on the subject: I promised you a review of Godless: The Church of Liberalism when I got the book. This was when those two idiotic (literally, in-a-world-of-their-own) New Jersey Assemblywomen called on New Jersey booksellers to refuse to carry the book. (I asked them how they'd like to explain themselves to Ray (Fahrenheit 451) Bradbury, and they never answered.) Well, I got the book yesterday, and have at least skimmed it.

How much time did Ann devote to The Jersey Girls, the thing that caused all the excitement? All of two pages. She then discussed the real object of her wrath, which was the "Nine-eleven Commission" that was the JGs' pet project. After excoriating that Commission and demonstrating that it was nothing but a whitewash of the Clinton administration, then she returned to the Jersey Girls, and said the only really nasty thing with which I would take issue: she said that they ought to hurry up and do their centerfold spreads in Playboy before people forget about them. Now for the record: I would never suggest that anyone pose in that rag, for the simple reason that I wouldn't touch it with a seven-cubit pole, nor suggest that anyone else touch it. That includes the Jersey Girls, and any other woman--because the very premise of Playboy is insulting and degrading and, in general, violative of Matthew 5:28 and following.

I will say that the four women who cut commercials for John Kerry's Presidential campaign and instigated the formation of a commission to investigate what a Congressional committee ought to have investigated, were traitresses to themselves, their husbands' memories, their neighbors, and all the rest of us, in that they have given aid and comfort to the organization that sent the nineteen murderers of their husbands (and 3,000 other people). But I will also lay the blame for that joke of a commission on a Republican Party who acceded to their demands, and a White House that had already gone out of its way to whitewash the previous administration (by covering up their wanton vandalism of White House office equipment and other property on their exit, and failure to investigate the possible theft of towels, china, and other items from the White House residential quarters and the Presidential transport). Why the White House refuses to throw former Clinton administration officials into prison where they belong (including Sandy Berger, who stole classified documents from the National Archives and willfully destroyed them) is anyone's guess. (Joseph L. Farah at WorldNetDaily seems to think that Bush and Clinton are together "in on" a Rockefellerian plot to inaugurate a one-world federation.) The difference between me and Ann Coulter is simply this: Ann Coulter has a brief to excoriate identified liberals. I, however, reserve my harshest criticism for "conservatives" who will not deal justice when justice is due.

But I digress. I do want to review Godless, and I will.

Basically, you get a book in two parts. The first part talks about the "sacraments" of the liberal anti-religion, including abortion and pacifism. But the second part is the most comprehensive deconstruction of the theory of evolution and the various demonstrations (most of them fraudulent) of it that I have yet seen. Evolution receives most of Ann's ire because evolution remains today the favored explanation of life origins that liberals advance so that they don't have to admit that God exists. By the time you finish Godless, you will realize that evolution simply cannot be, and that nearly all the evidence adduced for it has turned out to be fraudulent. A nonexhaustive list of the frauds that she exposes includes:

  • Piltdown Man--which turns out to be a mixture of human and simian bones, all of which were practically modern.
  • Archaeopteryx--which turns out to be a cobbled-together skeleton from various bird species.
  • The tired example of the Peppered Moths, and how that, also, was fudged.
  • Ernst Haeckel's Comparative Embryo Drawings, all of which he fudged.
  • The Miller-Urey reducing-atmosphere experiment, which assumed conditions since shown never to have been able to exist.
Oh, but you didn't know that Ann was conversant in scientific matters, did you? She's not a scientist by trade--but she is a lawyer. Lawyers deal with logic and evidence. (Ask the Law School Admissions Council, or better yet, take a practice LSAT.) And Ann's case is unassailable.

Not satisfied with that, Ann next describes the two other anti-God origins theories that Sir Fred Hoyle on one hand, and Drs. Francis Crick and Leslie H. Orgel on the other, developed to replace evolution. Hoyle gave us generalized panspermia--the notion that a super-intellect invented the stuff of life and spread it around in comet tails. (He doesn't know the first thing about where comets come from. Hint: they come from earth, and are a leftover of the Great Flood.) Crick and Orgel gave us directed panspermia--the notion that this super-intellect put the stuff of life into a brace of guided missiles and shot them hither and yon--and one such missile crashed on earth, and we are its by-product.

And, of course, Ann shows how the public-school establishment refuses to countenance the teaching of anything that hints of God. Interestingly, they insist on promoting evolution, even though at least three scientists who know better, have already abandoned it! I suppose that panspermia is still too outlandish even for liberals to trot out--yet.

In sum: Get this book now, befure the liberal establishment manages to ban it. Follow the references that she gives. Your view of the world will likely never be Linkthe same.

LinkUPDATE: Francis Crick actually realized that his brace-of-missiles idea wouldn't wash, either. So he returned to the simple faith in abiogenesis that all evolutionists share, though they won't admit it--and Crick won't even hazard a guess as to how abiogenesis is supposed to have taken place.

WorldNetDaily: ABC News begs: Send us 'global warming' evidence

And of course, they had to ask this on the first day of summer.

Hey, guys! It's summer! Get over it! Besides--this late spring has been very mild in comparison to other late springs past. Every summer we hear the same thing: "The globe is warming! The globe is warming!" Right along with "HE BETRAYED THIS COUNTRY! HE! PLAYED! ON! OUR! FEARS!"

And ABC wonders why I don't watch.

WorldNetDaily: AOL virtually refuses to cancel man's account

And the customer involved is a blogger himself--who caught the AOL rep on tape wishing to do anything but cancel the account.

Now by my way of thinking, when someone cancels a subscription, that person is under no obligation--zero, zippo, and nada--to pay another red cent(ime) (pfennig) (centavo) (nuppenny) (whatever). So had AOL continued to send that man a bill after he told their rep that he didn't want the account active any longer, AOL would have had zero grounds for complaint.

Which probably explains why, eventually, the Executive Vice President in Charge of Corporate Communications for AOL apologized personally to the aggrieved former customer and assured him that the arrogant rep had been fired. But this does not explain why such experiences as this man had, were not unique. After he finally did managed to stop getting bills from AOL, he heard from others who had gotten a similar runaround....

8 U.S. troops face murder charges - Conflict in Iraq -

These are the same eight that have been held without formal charges against them, in solitary confinement, and even in shackles, ever since the incident in question. Sean Hannity and others have basically served notice on the Navy and the Marine Corps: Charge these eight, or let them go, and in no event continue their maltreatment. The maltreatment stopped--and now the charges have come through.

Charges mean that they are entitled to representation by JAG officers (military lawyers; JAG stands for "Judge Advociate General") free of charge, or by civilian attorneys at their own expense. Charges also mean that investigations will continue by both sides, not just one.

The allegation is that some or all of these men pulled an Iraqi civilian out of his bed, shot him multiple times without provocation, and then left what are known in the law-enforcement trade as "throw-down weapons" to make their victim look like an insurgent when he was not.

To paraphrase Actor James Stewart in Otto Preminger's Anatomy of a Murder, a good lawyer can defend that in four ways:

  1. Their acts were excusable under the circumstances, which would have to be extraordinary.
  2. They didn't do the deed.
  3. It wasn't murder anyway--the guy shot himself, and those eight discovered him.
  4. The putative victim really was an insurgent after all, or else behaved toward them in a manifestly threatening manner, and therefore those eight were absolutely in the right in what they did.
In the light of the brutal murders of two US servicemen (set upon by thirty insurgents--it took thirty of them to take down two of ours)--the details of which are too gruesome to relate--I am not ready to assume that those eight men have no defense. Bear in mind that the government would surely have to establish motive--and "generalized hatred" doesn't strike me as motive enough for this act. Because those men were either justified in what they did, or else they are total Section Eights.

(No) Thanks for the Memories!

From You Tube, submitted by

WARNING! This clip shows a woman making an abject fool of herself and also behaving in a manner that tries to be seductive (but ends up being pathetic), and giving a passable imitation of a severely inebriated Ann Miller. Furthermore, what passes for her singing is very likely to be acutely painful to the ears of your pets, especially dogs. Parental (and Pet Owner) Judgment And Discretion Are Advised!

Now what, you ask, is this about? This is how Connie Chung closed out her Saturday morning show, Weekends with Maury and Connie, after MSNBC finally pulled the plug on it. She later tried to pretend that she was joking. Well, I don't get it. I think she's childish, like so many other Big Media people. It's the worst example of media self-absorption I have ever seen. Conceive it: self-parody by one who doesn't even realize that she is engaging in it!

OpinionJournal - Missile Defense Test

Now The Wall Street Journalis talking sense. Their suggestion: if the North Koreans fire a test ICBM, we simply blow it out of the sky with our prototype antimissile systems. A single Aegis cruiser should be able to take care of it--or any of nine missile interceptors now deployed in operational, not test, mode along the West Coast.

In point of fact, we don't know that it's a test until the missile comes down--and that's the wrong time to find that it has a live warhead, especially if it's a nuke! And in any event, blowing their test missile out of the sky would send the most dramatic message you can imagine to everyone in the region that certain things are non-starters.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Commentaries: Whither Frodo and Jesus? - Christianity Today Movies

At issue: The Lord of the Rings films did not make the list of the American Film Institute's 100 Most Inspiring Films. And not a single motion picture about Jesus made the list, either.

Well, what do you expect? The whole film industry is dominated by reprobate minds. Keep it up, boys, keep it up. And see whether I'll ever go to a movie again.

Friday, June 16, 2006

OpinionJournal - Vietnam, Watergate and Rove

Michael Barone lays it on the line: The Democratic Party, and their press organs (who still pretend to be the nation's press organs), are still trying to spin the news in terms of Vietnam and Watergate, and to portray Karl Rove as another Haldeman or Ehrlichman. But it's not working. Not only that, but the last ten days have seen stunning Democratic Party electoral failures and US military successes. In regard to this last: in the cache of documents captured at Zarqawi's final meeting place, along with key intelligence that led to more anti-insurgent raids within days, was a letter that frankly admitted that the anti-democratic insurgency in Iraq is losing the war.

The difference between today and the Vietnam era is the existence of an alternative to the fishwrap media that lost us Vietnam.

WorldNetDaily: New liberal strategy: Assault 7-year-olds

And I don't mean figuratively. I mean physically.

Kevin McCullough has the disgusting details. It began with yet another reading, in a school, of a children's book promoting normalization of homosexuality. It continued with a father's protest against a school exhibiting such material without prior notice to parents. And it has culminated on the physical assault on that father's seven-year-old son by ten of his schoolmates, all of whom are the sons of those who are against that father.

You will read in this article that a lawsuit was already involved. That isn't the point. The point is that some adults involved their own children in a political protest, those children then carried it to the level of physical violence--and the school didn't do anything about it.

By my definition, ten against one is never a fair fight.

And declaring that no punishment is necessary is not justice.

And when school officials and sympathetic adults incite their own children to commit acts of politically motivated violence--why, the Nazis used to do things like that.

This should be reason enough, if you are a parent believing in traditional values, to withdraw your child from public schools.

UPDATE: The pro-homosexual activists are now contending that the fight that the seven-year-old was in was between only himself and another boy and had nothing to do with their campaign. Now: should I be grateful that they are not so brazen as to defend a coordinated, premeditated physical assault on a youngster because they disagree with that youngster's father? I don't think so--because now they've added lying to their other tactics. Josef Goebbels would be proud.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Video game battles Satan

Finally we have WorldNetDaily's take on the game titled Left Behind: Eternal Forces, due out this fall. Their description of the game is nothing like that which I have had sent to me from SF Gate, or read on AlterNet. To reply to one persistent canard: in this game, the Tribulation Force does not have an imperative to kill people quite like that in the Koran. Indeed, a TribFor player who kills without good reason, loses points. "Good reason," I assume, means self-defense or the defense of fellow believers.

Nevertheless, this game has sparked a heated debate among Christians. Says one:

This is the worst example I have ever seen of how pop culture has conformed the Church to its image, rather than the Body of Christ serving as light and salt in the world.
So says attorney Jack Thompson--but that quote comes from the same man who, on AlterNet, described the game as a Christian supremacist game. So take that with several milligrams of sodium chloride.

That said--the sentiment is a valid consideration. The violence in this game fosters the notion that, during the Tribulation, anyone who takes the mark of the Beast (charagma tou theriou, literally "the cattle-brand of the monster") is fair military game. That's too close to the Koranic imperative to "fight and slay the infidels wheresoever ye find them" [Surah 9:5] for my taste.

In his defense, the head of Left Behind Games says:

Jesus did not say you have to let yourself be a punching bag or murder victim.
That is one of the hottest debates among Christian eschatologists (students of the Last Things to happen in history). I'd like to see a game that offered a big spiritual bonus to one who let himself get captured, thus throwing him into the Beast's prison system where he can evangelize his fellow inmates.

The trouble with this game is that, to win, you must survive physically. As any serious student of the Bible (and for that matter, any reader of the Left Behind series) knows, those who gave their lives in the War of the Tribulation were not "losers." Revelation 20:4-6 clearly states that those who so lose their lives will live again and even have a hand in helping Christ run the Millennial Kingdom. So any realistic game would have to have two classes of winners: Tribulation martyrs (literally, witnesses) and Tribulation survivors. Players who wind up in either category would then be eligible for a variety of decorations, as they appear before Christ's Reviewing Stand (Greek bema, rendered "judgment seat"). The idea is that once you're physically dead, your next scene will be your report to Christ, Who will decorate you to the measure of the number of converts you won, assisted at, or otherwise made possible through the quality of your testimony, both direct (one-on-one) and indirect (the example you set). And if you survive, Christ will judge you by the same standard. (Add to it that Tribulation martyrs will likely return to earth as marshals, with Rapture participants acting as judges--and survivors will continue as the subject population, not eligible for either of those jobs.)

The more I think about it, the less realistic I think this game is. It probably doesn't deserve half the criticism it is now receiving from secular sources--but it does not look like the best Bible study aid in the world, either.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

‘Jobs Americans Won’t Do’

The Business and Media Center clearly demonstrates that that statement is a lie. Unhappily, The Wall $treet Journal still believes in it--even to suggesting that farms would shut down:
With 12 million illegals in the country, whole sectors of our economy exist only because of immigrant labor.
Hogwash. And what's more, Holman Jenkins, you know it as well as I do. This is why I no longer subscribe to The Wall $treet Journal.

It's nice to see other organizations willing to inject some much-needed perspective into the debate.

Monday, June 12, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Ad Age columnist suggests Coulter kill herself

Don't believe WorldNetDaily? Read it for yourselves. Hint: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. After rounding on several other media people, columnist Simon Dumenco actually suggests that the only comparable remedy to Ann Coulter's book is her death.

Pardon me, but isn't that a threat? I suppose that if the FBI investigated every columnist who ever wished another person ill or dead, half the media would be in prison. But still...!

Nor is this all. Two New Jersey Assemblywomen have demanded that all New Jersey booksellers refuse to stock Ann Coulter's latest book, Godless: the Church of Liberalism. (To anticipate one obvious question: No, they were not stupid enough to try to introduce a bill to forbid anyone to buy or sell her book in New Jersey. They knew that would never fly.) Sorry, Assemblywomen Quigley and Stender. I have sent off for that book, and I will have a review of it in this space. I don't need you or any other liberal to tell me what's in that book--and I don't give an unripe fig what you think of it.

Judge Wants Psychologist to Assess Baldwin

At issue this time is Alec Baldwin's relationship with his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger, and their ten-year-old daughter. The judge in that case has actually ordered Baldwin to see a court-appointed psychologist to determine whether he is mentally fit to see his daughter more often than the court currently allows. (For the record, each litigant has said that the other is crazy numerous times, not merely in public but, more to the point, in court filings.)

When Alec Baldwin first stood up on national television and said that someone ought to stone Henry Hyde to death, and the TV host just happened to have an oxygen tank and mask handy to put over his mouth when he hyperventilated at the end of his screed, I originally thought the whole thing was a stupid put-up job. But now--in light of Baldwin's performances on the radio and a recent dust-up involving an off-Broadway show in which he is involved--I'm not so sure. In any event, I can't imagine why anyone should take him seriously as a political commentator.

WorldNetDaily: Fox News host to guest: 'You're going to hell!'

The host involved is Julie Banderas, host of Big Story Weekend. Last weekend, she had Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church (sorry, no link--both the link name and the content on the other side are too offensive for words) on her show. And the interview degenerated into a shouting match--and almost into a knock-down, hair-pull, drag-out fight.

Both women should apologize to the American public for that unseemly display. Shirley Phelps-Roper is an extremely "carnal" Christian, if she is really saved (which I won't speculate on). Her theology does not come from the Bible, but is a completely extra-Biblical read-in. She's the one organizing those awful protests at US military funerals--the ones that say that America deserves what she's getting and that military service is inappropriate for Christians today. (I cite Romans 13:1-7 as answer to that canard alone.)

That said, Ms. Banderas severely damaged her dignity and that of her show and network by stooping to her guest's level. Unhappily, she's not the only one--though she is, arguably, the worst offender thus far.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Judge asked to resolve 'million-$ bill'

Specifically, Great News Network, which issued a number of gospel tracts that had the obverse of a fictitious million-dollar bill on one side, and a hard-hitting Gospel message on the other, have asked a federal judge to:
  1. Enjoin the Secret Service from arresting anyone who distributes their tracts, and
  2. Return the 8,300 tracts that an overzealous Secret Service field agent seized last week.
The publicity has been great for Great News Network, which has received requests for 500,000 of these tracts--nearly their entire on-hand inventory--in the days since. But it illustrates an upward ratchet in the adversarial relationship between Christians and the present government of the United States. Until now, this relationship has been mildly annoying. The annoyance level just went up from mild to moderate--or some would almost say severe, with seizure of goods involved and court costs imcurred. The next thing after that will be a pastor arrested out of his pulpit for preaching a true-to-Scripture message.

WorldNetDaily: Memo reportedly shows location of WMD

That memo goes back to 2002 and is from the old Saddam regime. For reasons I can't explain, the Pentagon didn't translate it at the time of its initial seizure.

Tell me again? Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction? Then how can one explain this document?

Friday, June 09, 2006

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE - Zarqawi's Final Atrocities by Richard Miniter

Warning! This article is not for the faint of heart. PJADAA, on the grounds of graphic descriptions of severed heads, the kind of stuff you'd expect to see in a ketchup-squirtfest of the Sixties.

While I'm at it, let's strike up the band for a slight revision to the third stanza of The Star-Spangled Banner:

And where is that man who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion
A home and a country would leave us no more?
His blood has wash'd out his foul footsteps' pollution!
No refuge can save
The hireling or slave
From the gloom of defeat, or the doom of the grave.
And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Zarqawi killed in U.S. attack

It's true, sportsfans--proved by positive identification of his remains. See also here, here, and here.

And yet, and yet...I was waiting for the first addle-pated fool to dare suggest that al-Zarqawi's death was an unjust thing. To see Nicholas Berg's own father--a man who lost a son at this man's hands--say that community service in a hospital would have rehabilitated Zarqawi is to plumb the depths of what Greek speakers in the Roman Imperial era called moria--from which we get the English word moron today. What this man also is, is an idiot--a man living in a world of his own, accepting no reality beyond his own wishful thinking.

That aside: Zarqawi's dead, and Osama bin Laden is next. In the meantime, we can safely imagine that Zarqawi got his surprise introduction to the afterlife at the hands of seventy-two Virginians.

The only remaining question is that of the disposal of the remains. Technically, he is a subject of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and even tried to assassinate his king and kill thousands of the king's peaceful subjects with poison gas. Therefore, King Abdullah II might have a claim on him, if he cares to press it. Or perhaps the Iraqis themselves, seeing that he committed most of his crimes on what is now their territory.

WorldNetDaily: Zarqawi killed in U.S. attack

It's true, sportsfans--proved by positive identification of his remains. See also here, here, and here.

And yet, and yet...I was waiting for the first addle-pated fool to dare suggest that al-Zarqawi's death was an unjust thing. To see Nicholas Berg's own father--a man who lost a son at this man's hands--say that community service in a hospital would have rehabilitated Zarqawi is to plumb the depths of what Greek speakers in the Roman Imperial era called moria--from which we get the English word moron today. What this man also is, is an idiot--a man living in a world of his own, accepting no reality beyond his own wishful thinking.

That aside: Zarqawi's dead, and Osama bin Laden is next. In the meantime, we can safely imagine that Zarqawi got his surprise introduction to the afterlife at the hands of seventy-two Virginians.

The only remaining question is that of the disposal of the remains. Technically, he is a subject of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and even tried to assassinate his king and kill thousands of the king's peaceful subjects with poison gas. Therefore, King Abdullah II might have a claim on him, if he cares to press it. Or perhaps the Iraqis themselves, seeing that he committed most of his crimes on what is now their territory.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

WorldNetDaily: The new 'moderate' Islamic voice

As Samuel Blumenfeld demonstrates, Amr Khaled is anything but moderate. He is a Muslim televangelist--and true to the Koran, he delivers the same warlike message that we get from the terrorists, with only a slight degree of tempering.

Modern English has a phrase for that kind of talk. We call such words "weasel words."

WorldNetDaily: District probe clears 'separatist' school

This is the same school whose headmaster ordered one of his goons to assault a radio reporter, rob him of his interview tape (which, happily, contained nothing but ambient sound), and then tail him until publicity on the radio forced him to back off.

And now the Los Angeles Unified School District refuses to pull the charter of Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School, saying that they're following their charter as stated. (The domain name is, which is Spanish for "dignity." The name translates as "Seeds of the Pueblo Academy.")

That leaves it up to the police to investigate possible felonious assault and menacing conduct on the part of school staff, or someone acting on the orders of school staff.

By the way: the link is working again (it wasn't before). The school evidently called for a protest rally at the offices of Radio Station KABC-AM in Los Angeles, saying that the station inaccurately characterized their school as "a racist institution funded by local taxpayers." You can fetch their PDF media alert document here.)

Monday, June 05, 2006

OpinionJournal - In Praise of Migration

All I have to say, in response to this editorial--this lead editorial--in The Wall $treet Journal, is that the Journal must be pretty hard up for the defense of its long-standing open-border editorial policy if they have to enlist the Secretary General of the UN--a proved crook at the head of an organization half of proved crooks and the other half of idle chatterers--to write a guest editorial.

WorldNetDaily: New film to prove accuracy of Bible?

The film is a documentary, which Dr. Lennert Moller at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, hopes to release in the spring of 2007. It covers a wealth of archaeological evidence, including chariot wheels at the bottom of the Gulf of Aqaba, that prove the authenticity of the historical stories in Genesis and Exodus, beginning with the career of Joseph, who had an incredible eighty-year career as grand vizier of Egypt.

I am of two minds about this. I know many fellow churchmen who are determined never to darken the door of a cinema house again, because of the agenda-driven ordure that Hollywood cranks out. That this film doesn't come from Hollywood might--or might not--make a difference. Perhaps some churches would better receive Dr. Moller as a guest speaker, bringing slides showing his finds and taking questions (and perhaps a designated love offering). If I had the evidence he had, that's how I would proceed.

That said, if you see no other film in your life, but want to know what film could do in good faith, see this film. But better yet, read your Bible in full confidence that not only is it historically accurate, but it should set the gold standard for the history of the ancient world.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Physicist: Cell-like structures could be microbes from space

And so it begins: a person trained in scientific method, one who should know better, finds some highly unusual extremophiles--extremophiles which, furthermore, contain no DNA but which replicate in water under tremendous heat and pressure. And he concludes that they are extraterrestrial in origin.

People do tend to believe what they want to believe. Indeed not all extremophiles are microbes, and some are bacteria. The only thing unusual about Godfrey Louis' find is that the alleged organism contains no DNA--a finding which itself is in dispute.

The larger question is: why the interest in extraterrestrial life? I know why. This is part of the campaign to deny God, and perhaps have us believe in ancient astronauts again.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Reporter claims assault at 'racist' public school

You read that right.

Here, first of all, is WorldNetDaily's first report on the policies and aims of the Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School. (The last time I tried that link, at 4:52 p.m. EST (20:52 UTC), I got an "Under Construction" page from what looks like an implementation of Microsoft Internet Services.) Basically, the school exists to promulgate the agenda of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, the group wanting a retro-cession of the lands taken in the Mexican War back to Mexico.

The latest incident: a radio reporter wanted to interview the founder and principal of the school. He was turned away at the office, and left the campus. And then someone chased him, caught him in a flying tackle, and demanded on pain of a beating that he, the reporter, turn over his tape. (The tape had nothing on it but surface noise; remember, the reporter didn't get the interview.) And even that wasn't the end of it: as the reporter drove away, he discovered that he was pulling a tail. So he called his station, who effectively told all and sundry that this was going on. The tail then backed off.

Now I'm a relatively simple man. I was told that law-abiding adults do not settle disputes of this sort on the level of physical violence. And that certainly is never excusable when someone is leaving peaceably. And I ask you: what sort of example is that school setting for its pupils?

I would certainly urge the Los Angeles Unified School District to look into this.

OpinionJournal - The Case Against Compromise

Peter Berkowitz reviews Ramesh Ponnuru's new book, A Party of Death--and in the process speaks more volumes about himself than about Mr. Ponnuru or his book--or about those of us who agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Ponnuru.

Mr. Berkowitz sums up by saying that lines between pro-abortion and pro-life cannot be drawn very brightly, and that one cannot defend the pro-life position. He even suggests that these lines can shift over time. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. You either condone murder, or you don't. And if you don't, then you must prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law. Otherwise, you're throwing in with Peter Singer, who said that a mother ought to be allowed one month to decide whether to kill her baby or keep him or her. Or with Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), who famously said that a child isn't a child until the mother decides to bring said child home.

OpinionJournal - Third Time

Peggy Noonan thinks that Americans need a third party.

But because she completely mistakes the source of voter anger, she has absolutely no concept of how that third party might look. Her idea seems to be another Ross Perot.

Wrong, Peggy. Rather, conservatives are revolting against a Republican Party that dared fire its base. We made them; we can break them.

Contract with Pennsylvania

The man who literally upset the Republican leader in the Pennsylvania Senate by knocking him out in the primary--this although the incumbent outspent this challenger twenty-to-one--lays it on the line: Pennsylvania grass-roots Republicans revolted against their northeastern RINO machine.

Now I could only wish that New Jersey Republicans will do the same this June 6.