Wednesday, June 21, 2006

WorldNetDaily: AOL virtually refuses to cancel man's account

And the customer involved is a blogger himself--who caught the AOL rep on tape wishing to do anything but cancel the account.

Now by my way of thinking, when someone cancels a subscription, that person is under no obligation--zero, zippo, and nada--to pay another red cent(ime) (pfennig) (centavo) (nuppenny) (whatever). So had AOL continued to send that man a bill after he told their rep that he didn't want the account active any longer, AOL would have had zero grounds for complaint.

Which probably explains why, eventually, the Executive Vice President in Charge of Corporate Communications for AOL apologized personally to the aggrieved former customer and assured him that the arrogant rep had been fired. But this does not explain why such experiences as this man had, were not unique. After he finally did managed to stop getting bills from AOL, he heard from others who had gotten a similar runaround....


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