Friday, June 16, 2006

OpinionJournal - Vietnam, Watergate and Rove

Michael Barone lays it on the line: The Democratic Party, and their press organs (who still pretend to be the nation's press organs), are still trying to spin the news in terms of Vietnam and Watergate, and to portray Karl Rove as another Haldeman or Ehrlichman. But it's not working. Not only that, but the last ten days have seen stunning Democratic Party electoral failures and US military successes. In regard to this last: in the cache of documents captured at Zarqawi's final meeting place, along with key intelligence that led to more anti-insurgent raids within days, was a letter that frankly admitted that the anti-democratic insurgency in Iraq is losing the war.

The difference between today and the Vietnam era is the existence of an alternative to the fishwrap media that lost us Vietnam.


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