Saturday, June 10, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Judge asked to resolve 'million-$ bill'

Specifically, Great News Network, which issued a number of gospel tracts that had the obverse of a fictitious million-dollar bill on one side, and a hard-hitting Gospel message on the other, have asked a federal judge to:
  1. Enjoin the Secret Service from arresting anyone who distributes their tracts, and
  2. Return the 8,300 tracts that an overzealous Secret Service field agent seized last week.
The publicity has been great for Great News Network, which has received requests for 500,000 of these tracts--nearly their entire on-hand inventory--in the days since. But it illustrates an upward ratchet in the adversarial relationship between Christians and the present government of the United States. Until now, this relationship has been mildly annoying. The annoyance level just went up from mild to moderate--or some would almost say severe, with seizure of goods involved and court costs imcurred. The next thing after that will be a pastor arrested out of his pulpit for preaching a true-to-Scripture message.

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