Wednesday, June 07, 2006

WorldNetDaily: District probe clears 'separatist' school

This is the same school whose headmaster ordered one of his goons to assault a radio reporter, rob him of his interview tape (which, happily, contained nothing but ambient sound), and then tail him until publicity on the radio forced him to back off.

And now the Los Angeles Unified School District refuses to pull the charter of Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School, saying that they're following their charter as stated. (The domain name is, which is Spanish for "dignity." The name translates as "Seeds of the Pueblo Academy.")

That leaves it up to the police to investigate possible felonious assault and menacing conduct on the part of school staff, or someone acting on the orders of school staff.

By the way: the link is working again (it wasn't before). The school evidently called for a protest rally at the offices of Radio Station KABC-AM in Los Angeles, saying that the station inaccurately characterized their school as "a racist institution funded by local taxpayers." You can fetch their PDF media alert document here.)


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