Friday, June 16, 2006

WorldNetDaily: New liberal strategy: Assault 7-year-olds

And I don't mean figuratively. I mean physically.

Kevin McCullough has the disgusting details. It began with yet another reading, in a school, of a children's book promoting normalization of homosexuality. It continued with a father's protest against a school exhibiting such material without prior notice to parents. And it has culminated on the physical assault on that father's seven-year-old son by ten of his schoolmates, all of whom are the sons of those who are against that father.

You will read in this article that a lawsuit was already involved. That isn't the point. The point is that some adults involved their own children in a political protest, those children then carried it to the level of physical violence--and the school didn't do anything about it.

By my definition, ten against one is never a fair fight.

And declaring that no punishment is necessary is not justice.

And when school officials and sympathetic adults incite their own children to commit acts of politically motivated violence--why, the Nazis used to do things like that.

This should be reason enough, if you are a parent believing in traditional values, to withdraw your child from public schools.

UPDATE: The pro-homosexual activists are now contending that the fight that the seven-year-old was in was between only himself and another boy and had nothing to do with their campaign. Now: should I be grateful that they are not so brazen as to defend a coordinated, premeditated physical assault on a youngster because they disagree with that youngster's father? I don't think so--because now they've added lying to their other tactics. Josef Goebbels would be proud.