Friday, June 23, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Appeals court agrees: Tear down that cross

Yep, they're a circus! That's--you guessed it--the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling in a case of a memorial cross in Mount Soledad, CA. That cross has stood for half a century--and now the courts have ordered it torn down, because atheists are complaining.

Time was when the existence of God was a universally understood thing. Now it is a controversy. Sooner than you think, it will be a thing denied by the state--until the day when the world gets a cult figure to lead it, who says that he is God.

Before that happens, we may take St. Paul's example ("Is it lawful to scourge a man who is a Roman, and uncondemned?") and press the case all the way to the Supremes.


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