Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Life in an Islamist US - The Boston Globe

Jeff Jacoby reviews a new book, Prayers for the Assassin, that describes in stark terms what a Wahabbist United States--excuse me, "Islamic Republic of America"--would look like, and what it would be like to live in one.

Now Mr. Jacoby still seems to believe in something called "a moderate Muslim." I have my doubts. I believe that the original Sheikh al-Wahhab, who laid the basis for the Saudi usurpation of the Kingdom of Arabia from the original Hashemite kings, was simply applying the Koran as it is actually written.

The following excerpt, however, is worth discussing in a context wider than simply a dystopian vision of Islam's plans for America:

Don't tell me about the old days, girl, I lived through them. Drugs sold on street corners. Guns everywhere. God driven out of the schools and courthouses. Births without marriage, rich and poor, so many bastards you wouldn't believe me. A country without shame. Alcohol sold in supermarkets. Babies killed in the womb, tens of millions of them.... We are not perfect, not by any measure, but I would not go back to those days for anything.
Now aside from the "guns everywhere" canard--an apparent reference to a future in which only enforcers of the law (civil and religious) have guns--all of those complaints are valid. (Yes, even the one about alcoholic beverages sold in supermarkets. To those of you who say that God made wine, I answer: It was grape juice, and what we call "wine" today is grape juice gone bad.) That's the secular influence. Christians would have just as much complaint against such things as Muslims do. The difference is that Christians do not fly planes into buildings.

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