Monday, September 17, 2007

WorldNetDaily: Chuck Norris Reports from Iraq

And what he has to report, you won't read in the Mainstream Media. "Morale is up--way up!" He should know: he's on USO tour, and has personally met with 10,000 soldiers. He also has been to Iraq before the surge, so when he says that the surge is working, he knows what he's talking about.

Pay attention, the next time your Senator or Representative deliberately tries to make you war-weary, and then waves a bunch of push-poll results on the floor of his/her respective House saying that you're war-weary. And remember this along with the Democrats' incredible argumentum ad hominem against General David Petraeus.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Do We Have The Will To Win? -- Linda Chavez -- GOPUSA

Linda Chavez wonders whether Americans have the stomach for a long war--a good question, considering the nitwits that our fellow citizens continue to elect. What would have happened if the Senate had treated "Ike" the way it treated General Petraeus this week? Maybe Ike wouldn't have kept Patton on such a short leash...!

Sadly, the Senate's behavior is not--entirely--without precedent. Consider General Curtis E. LeMay USAF, head of the Strategic Air Command and subsequently Chief of Staff of the Air Force. The world thinks he was a power-mad tyrant, and for no better reason than that he was the head of SAC for all those years, and made SAC what it was.

And I'm also reminded of the way Hollywood began to treat four-star generals, beginning in 1965 with Burt Lancaster's ultimately unflattering portrait of an Air Force Chief of Staff (and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs). In fact, that committee hearing, and especially Senator Hillary Clinton's behavior, reminded me of that scene in which Burt Lancaster, in his four-star Air Force glory, has to state the obvious to a gaggle of geese--excuse me, Senators--who can't stand to hear it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The President speaks, and the Democrats whine

The President made his speech tonight, and it was short and sweet. General Petraeus was able to recommend drawing down US forces in Iraq to where they were before the great "surge," and the President accepted that. The President also asked Congress--meaning the Democrats--to be reasonable, and as I might have predicted, the Democrats are having none of it.

Senator Jack Reed's (D-RI) statement that US policies only make our security worse remains, like virtually everything else the Democrats have said, more asserted than proved. And his accusation that we will "always" have 130,000 troops in-theater is a total straw man. The President never said that. He implied that we might establish a garrison in Iraq, but 130,000 troops are far more than a garrison, and the Democrats know it--or they should.