Thursday, August 31, 2006

Arabs Divided on Who Won the Hizballah-Israeli War

Sure, some Arabs boast that Hizballah won--if you count it as a win if you're still standing. But lots of Arab voices are crying out that Hizballah got their host country plastered for nothing, some blame Syria and Iran for egging them on, and some even call for an investigation. Not exactly a united and triumphal voice, is it?

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Hizballah Children's Militia: Kids Aged Ten and Up!

That's right--kids. According to the Egyptian weekly Roz al-Yusuf, more than two thousand kids, aged 10 to 15, belong to Hizballah's children's auxiliary. What's worse, they are training them to be martyrs. Hmmm--the last country to field its kids in war was Germany--and no children's army has ever turned the tide of war.

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Hizballah Children's Militia: Kids Aged Ten and Up!

That's right--kids. According to the Egyptian weekly Roz al-Yusuf, more than two thousand kids, aged 10 to 15, belong to Hizballah's children's auxiliary. What's worse, they are training them to be martyrs. Hmmm--the last country to field its kids in war was Germany--and no children's army has ever turned the tide of war.

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Iran's Nuclear Chief Says Drinking Heavy Water Cures Cancer and AIDS!

Get a load of this. The head of Iran's nuclear program says that Iran produces heavy water--for its medicinal value! That would be funny were the situation not so dire. I've heard of lame excuses before, but this is the limit.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Coral Ridge responds to ADL re Darwin-Hitler link

The Anti-Defamation League seems to think that D. James Kennedy is making light of the Holocaust by linking Charles Darwin's theories to Adolf Hitler's policies. Trouble was, Hitler believed in evolution and used it as his excuse. So says D. James Kennedy. Watch the show when it airs, and then decide.

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Fox News is a Zionist stooge, says kidnapper mouthpiece

Specifically, Fox News is under Jewish and Zionist control, files false and misleading reports, and treats all Muslims as terrorists. And that, says someone claiming to speak for Al-Qa'ida, is why they put the bag on that reporter and his cameraman.

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No, Anthony Kennedy, we're not ruled by 'ideas'

Judge Roy 'Ten Commandments' Moore responds to SCOTUS Justice Anthony Kennedy's polemic against conservatives.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OpinionJournal - The Fertility Gap

Prof. Arthur C. Brooks at Syracuse University reminds us that, for whatever reason, liberals don't have as many children in their homes as do conservatives. Prof. Brooks goes on to show that that's bound to cost the Democrats election after election in the future.

We've heard this before, of course--including a suggestion that the liberals' real problem is that they aborted their kids, while conservatives raised theirs.

And we also know that at least some liberals understand this. That's why they would like nothing better than to shut down all private schools and make homeschooling tantamount to truancy. They want to mess with our kids' heads, because they don't have enough of their own kids to ensure their continued electoral success. Things might be close now, but in ten years...!

But Prof. Brooks' analysis is incomplete. Conservative Americans aren't the only ones having lots of kids. So are illegal immigrant Latins--and Muslims. So I repeat what I said earlier: that in a generation, we're going to be in a shooting war against those seeking to revive the ancient Aztec Empire and the medieval Baghdad Caliphate.

Experts fear Muslims might use 'holy' date to create catastrophe

August 22, 2006, corresponds to 27 Rajab 1427 AH. That's the anniversary of Muhammad's so-called Night Flight. Indeed, Ahmadinejad has said before that he will pull off something big on that date. And it is on top of us right now.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Islamic Propaganda Targets Our Children

And our fellow-traveling adults, too. Melanie Morgan lays it on the line, and continues her examination of the parallels between the pan-Arabism that Islam really is, and National Socialism, German-style.

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Expo-Islamia in the UK: Interesting Characters

They include a committeewoman for a party called Respect that speaks very disrespectfully of Israel, and one speaker who once advocated suicide (homicide) bombing in Israel. This was supposed to be a multi-faith event--and yet Jews are not invited, and leaders of other faiths hadn't even heard of it at interview time.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Show Links Darwinism to Nazism

D. James Kennedy lays it on the line: Nazi ideology, as you can read in Hitler's own writings and official Nazi policy, drew heavily from Darwin and used Darwin as their excuse. I challenge Darwin's apologists to name any truly good things that have come from their theory. They'll never find any. The larger point, of course, is that evolution is a fraud, promulgated by fraudulent means, and violative of many of the basic principles of science and of many other widely accepted scientific laws.

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Olmert sent soldiers 'needlessly' to their deaths?

IDF officials are asking that now, and demanding an investigation. At issue is whether Olmert knew that a cease-fire was coming and ordered an operation that would be a waste of time and good people. So begins a process that might bring down his government.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Half-dozen abortion clinics shut down after breaking State rules, laws

In Florida, the operator of three abortion clinics performed at least one late-term procedure in the clinic itself. The law requires that such procedures take place in a hospital. In Alabama, three clinics were shut down for not having an attending on staff who had hospital admitting privileges. Witnesses say such corner-cutting goes on all the time. Coming as it does right after Operation Rescue took over an abortion clinic building and demonstrated its appallingly dirty condition, this provides further proof that abortionists are in it for the money, not for the patients. Ask yourselves: what sad route leads a doctor to kill babies anyway?

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Olmert's gov't will fall, says Druze leader Jumblatt

In an interview with WorldNetDaily, Jumblatt foresees investigations, recriminations, and ultimately new elections after Israel missed its opportunity in Lebanon. Jumblatt predicts that Bibi Netanyahu will become PM, and Israel will be back.

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Dems Pull Border-Hop Attack Ad From Their Site

Now how stupid is this? Those Dems want to talk about border security, and they insult one of their core constituencies in the process. They have even less room to talk about our porous borders than some Republicans have.

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Israel's Terminal Illness

That illness is a loss of all sense of national purpose. Yehud Olmert blew an opportunity. Joe Farah (a Lebanese Christian himself) says that Olmert's got to go, or you can kiss Israel good-bye (absent Divine intervention, of course).

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Controversial Muslim group gets VIP airport security tour

Feds show CAIR latest screening steps, sensitive counter-terrorism procedures. Why? Don't they know that CAIR sympathizes with terrorists? How soon before al-Qa'ida or Hizballah has this information?

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Tortured logic

Andrew Sullivan opens his mouth and jams both feet in. Karol Sheinin, guest-blogging for Michelle Malkin, posts the link and adds extensive commentary. One of Michelle's regular visitors submits it to And a certain crowd of left-wing propagandists on Digg goes hog-wild. WARNING: many of the comments contain vulgar and obscene language. PJADAA.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Arrest Made in Jon Benet Ramsey Case?

That's right. The suspect, John Mark Karr, is a former lower-school teacher who was picked up in Thailand on another sex-offense charge. Where do school districts find these guys who want to get overly involved with their pupils?

Of course, if the Boulder police hadn't been so obsessed with their percentages--which told them that the parents did it--then they could have caught this guy long ago. Now that they've hounded Patsy Ramsey to death, where does the family go to get an apology?

UPDATE: Sean Hannity thinks that John Mark Karr's confession smells phony. Sadly (for the family), I do, too. His tale is simply incredible. If he didn't do this deed (as seems likely), then he is either typical of those who like to take credit for crimes they never committed and indeed could never have committed, or else he was just trying to get out of Thailand (where he's in enough trouble already) and set in motion an extradition proceeding in order to do it.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Breaking: London-to-DC flight diverted due to "dangerous situation"

The plane is on the tarmac at Logan Airport. A woman, age 43, started complaining of claustrophobia and then had an altercation with a flight attendant--prompting the pilot to declare an airborne emergency. Bomb-sniffing K-9's are sniffing all the bags. Earlier reports indicated that she had some contraband items on her person; that is in dispute at this hour.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Muslim gatherings raided – 40 arrests

The raids took place in Italy--though whether the Carabinieri (the Italian gendarmerie--their equivalent of SWAT in some US cities) carried these raids out, the article never says. Forty arrests resulted--twenty-eight for violations of Italian residency permit laws, and twelve for actual property crimes of one sort or another. All this comes hot on the heels of the Great Airliner Plot and the arrests made in that case by Scotland Yard yesterday.

Teens Cope With Unwanted Pregnancies Better Than Abortions, Study Shows

The study, in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, looked at lots of ways that teen-agers cope with stress or a bad decision--such as having trouble sleeping or seeking solace in illicit drugs. The results: girls who have abortions are three times as likely to engage in such behavior than if they go ahead and have the child, all other things (like the state of their mental health) being equal.

I could have told them that, of course. Abortion means killing, and kids know it. And at that age, their consciences are not so seared. Not yet, anyway.

Monday, August 07, 2006

OpinionJournal - Lieberman

Quite simply, if Lieberman goes down in favor of a rich man with no record of public service at all, then it will be George McGovern all over again, the American public will never take the Democrats seriously, and the Democrats will have none to blame but themselves.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Case for Kids - Christianity Today Magazine

And it's an excellent case, and a stark one. Consider this, all you Malthusians who think the planet can do without your children:
Even after considering the cost of education, a typical child in the U.S. consumes 28 percent less than the typical working-age adult, while elders consumer 27 percent more, mostly in health-related expenses...How do we order and feed such a top-heavy, resource-consuming society of elders—a demographic of which most who read this article are a part? Who will produce the goods needed to keep the nation's engines and industries running? When our self-reliance wears out, when our self-authenticated minds and our spiritually unfettered and independent souls grow dim with age, who will feed and sustain us? Who will wheel us into surgery, deliver our packages, grow our food, research and formulate the medications that enable us to live longer and better? In an overburdened medical system, who will decide whether or not our lives still have value when our medical costs outweigh our economic worth? In all of this, we will depend on the actions and judgments of other peoples' children.
Happily, according to this, those "other people's children" will be there. I see just one problem, though: if the Lord tarries, the children of those large families (that seem to be coming back) will find themselves fighting a shooting war with the children of all those wailing abbaya-clad women we see on Al-Jazeera TV.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Senate gives Bush bill to save cross

The cross involved is the Mount Soledad Veterans' Memorial, which has stood for half a century. The Senate passed, by unanimous consent, a bill that already had passed the House by an overwhelming margin. The bill now goes to the President--and when he signs it, the Mount Soledad Memorial will now be a national park and not a San Diego city park. This will of course render moot a case that an avowed atheist brought to have the cross demolished, and will vacate a judge's order to tear the cross down.

Kurdistan - The Other Iraq

In all the doom-and-gloom news about Sunni and Shi'ite populations shooting each other in Iraq, you never hear about the Kurds. This site will explain who the Kurds are and what Saddam's downfall has meant to them (nothing but good things).

WorldNetDaily: Mom says soldier son followed attack orders

The soldier involved is one of four members of the 101st Airborne, involved in the shooting deaths of four "civilians." Apart from the increasing difficulty of telling innocent civilians apart from irregulars (who have no rights to speak of, even by Geneva standards), we have yet another case of dangerous second-guessing. This article also talks about the "Pendleton Eight" who face investigation and possible courts-martial in another incident.