Thursday, August 17, 2006

Arrest Made in Jon Benet Ramsey Case?

That's right. The suspect, John Mark Karr, is a former lower-school teacher who was picked up in Thailand on another sex-offense charge. Where do school districts find these guys who want to get overly involved with their pupils?

Of course, if the Boulder police hadn't been so obsessed with their percentages--which told them that the parents did it--then they could have caught this guy long ago. Now that they've hounded Patsy Ramsey to death, where does the family go to get an apology?

UPDATE: Sean Hannity thinks that John Mark Karr's confession smells phony. Sadly (for the family), I do, too. His tale is simply incredible. If he didn't do this deed (as seems likely), then he is either typical of those who like to take credit for crimes they never committed and indeed could never have committed, or else he was just trying to get out of Thailand (where he's in enough trouble already) and set in motion an extradition proceeding in order to do it.

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