Friday, June 30, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Operation Rescue buys abortion clinic

Not to operate, of course, but to shut it down and turn the building into a memorial for aborted children.

And what they discovered after they completed the transaction will really turn your stomach. PJADAA.

You have to love people who think outside of the box--and that is what Operation Rescue did. An abortion mill in Wichita, KS, had fallen several months behind in its rent on the building out of which it operated. The landlord wanted to sell--why, the article doesn't say. My guess: he was fed up with the arrears and wanted out.

So Operation Rescue arranged for a third party to make an offer on the building--but to state as a condition of the sale that the current tenant would not be retained. And the landlord said, "Fine with me"--or words to that effect.

Interestingly, the abortion mill operators mysteriously came up with the back rent and stated that they wanted to renew their lease. But by then the building was under escrow. Too late!

So the abortion mill had to move out--and then Operation Rescue was able to tour what was now "their" building.

Yuck! They flushed their pre-born victims down the sink! Norma McCorvey, furthermore, confirmed that this was a common practice. Read the article for yourselves; it even has a picture of that sink with its garbage dispose-all, which plainly was inadequate to the task. And that was only one violation of basic standards of cleanliness. Only an abortion mill can get away with this, sportsfans. Any minor-surgery clinic that dared let blood soak into the carpets, and failed to maintain its walls properly, would be shut down in a Kansas City minute.

Now say what you will about the methods that Operation Rescue used to publicize their anti-abortion message, and how their publicity efforts caused the abortion mill to lose so much business that they couldn't pay the rent, which (maybe) caused the landlord to get fed up and put his building up for sale. Say what you will about that--and then tell me how you can possibly defend any business that disposes of human remains in an unlawful manner, and leaves blood all over the carpet.

I'd say that this building has already served the purpose of making people remember what happens in abortion, even before Operation Rescue has a chance to re-decorate it and re-dedicate it.


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