Friday, February 03, 2006


Here's a new blog devoted to home schooling. Its author, Scott Somerville, saw my recent criticism of Oprah Winfrey for apparently shutting out homeschoolers from her essay contest. He blames her lawyers, and suggests that maybe she knew nothing about it. I'll vouch that what law schools teach these days is about equal parts Marxist ideology and actual law. But Oprah is still the captain of the ship (which is an important legal term, by the way), and therefore the choices that her organization makes are her responsiblity, and redound to her credit or discredit, as the case may be.

That said, Mr. Somerville does an excellent job covering home schooling and all the issues that touch it in any way. I especially enjoyed his take on "black flight" from urban schools that are severely short-changing their students. (Wonder what he thinks of the spectacle of girls prostituting themselves in school?)

Even better: he covers controversies about Child Protective Services departments (which in some States treat parents as if they were--well, Muslim terrorists or something) and the latest Government surveys. A real must-read.


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