Sunday, February 12, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Pentagon plans blitz on Tehran

The only reason I am sending this on is that papers in Germany and England are full of this. The cat is, therefore, out of the bag.

For myself, I begin to question the seriousness of Ahmadinejad's purpose. If he really wants the West to "pay a high price for being hostage to the Zionists," then why does he continue to sell oil to the West? Possibly because he can't afford the lost revenue.

And this is what Bush really meant by calling us "addicted to oil." Why shouldn't we be able to call a boycott of oil and see how those mad mullahs like having their one major export become valueless?

That aside, I take this nuclear-weapons talk very seriously--especially since we must remember that Ezekiel predicted that Iran would join with Russia to be at war with Israel--a war that would end in disaster for Israel's enemies.


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