Monday, April 17, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Illegal-alien activists target Lou Dobbs

Why Lou Dobbs? They say:
Lou Dobbs has become the champion zealot of bashing 'illegal immigration' each night at CNN promoting HR 4437 as the only way of dealing with "Broken Borders" to protect the USA. The only way to stop Lou Dobbs, the raving populist xenophobe, is to invoke 'The Achilles heel: AOL.
(That last is a reference to their direct target, which is America Online, since they know they can't target Lou Dobbs directly.)

I say: At first, all I thought that Lou Dobbs had ever done was to tell an illegal-immigrant activist on his show to shut-up the flow of profanity and obscenity he was spewing forth at the time. But this commentary on the Cancun Summit gives a proper perspective on where Mr. Dobbs really stands. Illegal immigration is only part of Mr. Dobbs' beef; the rest concerns a proposal for "economic integration" of the USA and Mexican economies, a prospect that Mr. Dobbs does not think could ever work to the benefit of American citizens. (Truly, I'm surprised that WorldNetDaily didn't link to this--for how can you understand why the illegal-immigrant activists hate Lou Dobbs so much if you don't even report on what the man has actually said?)

In fact, Lou Dobbs had been worrying about illegal immigration and about the "export of jobs" for years. The Wall $treet Journal heaps scorn on him. (Bear in mind that the W$J wants a policy of open borders. I expect them to be the first major media outlet to line up behind the Beast of Revelation when he appears as nothing more than a man willing to crack a few heads to unite the disparate peoples of the world under one government, and one flag. But I digress.) Indeed, four years ago Lou Dobbs made a comment against Islamic terrorism, according to Drudge.

And now he's got some fellow travelers of the Loony Left angry with him. It had to happen sooner or later.


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