Saturday, July 15, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Another court squashes parental rights

So says Ted Baehr of the recent decision in the case involving CleanFlicks and other third-party video editors.

But Mr. Baehr doesn't seem to understand what CleanFlicks was all about, and what they had to work with. In his piece, he offers an example--you buy a copy of a book, you own it, you have the right to quote excerpts from it, and so on--that simply doesn't apply. In point of fact, even when you buy a book, you do not own it outright--or a DVD, either. Read the fine print:

Licensed for home viewing only. All other use prohibited.
Besides: if a movie had to have objectionable words or scenes in it, then it wasn't really worth watching, was it? If, therefore, Hollywood wants to appear unreasonable, and to continue to make films that will lose audience (and money, too, if the experience of Superman Returns becomes typical), let it. If I never go to a public movie theater again, I won't care. (Ticket prices are outrageous, anyway, but that's another topic.)

So what's a family to do? Well, the Bible itself is a surprisingly good read. What blockbuster disaster story can compare with the story of Noah and his Ark? What sea story can compare with Paul's shipwreck on his way to Rome? What story of dysfunctional families can compare with the stories of Esau and Jacob, Jacob and Laban, Joseph and his brothers, David and Uriah, or David and Absalom? And what story of monumental self-sacrifice can compare with the account of Jesus' Passion and Resurrection?

Other than that, the church has always produced some of the best music ever written. Many times I've had this vision of J. S. Bach greeting people at the Pearly Gates, affecting his best Jack Benny expression, and saying, "Why did you so offend your own ears with such noise?"

So as many an angel said to many a mortal, fear not! We have better things to do with our time than try to edit out objectional moments from the movies, while missing their equally objectionable premises.


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