Sunday, September 17, 2006

Al-Qa'ida Warns Muslims to Leave the US

And why? This is no complaint of discrimination this time--it's a warning that Al-Qa'ida is going to attack, and Muslims need to be out of the hot zone before it happens.

This is the equivalent of the Japanese instructing their embassy to destroy their cipher machines, codes, and secret documents before Pearl Harbor. Is anyone listening, especially in the Senate? Or do we condemn ourselves to the same recriminations that resulted from Pearl Harbor? Whom are we going to sack this time, as the equivalent of General Short and Admiral Kimmel? (And where is the Admiral Nimitz who will take over?)

The Senate can, of course, do something to forestall this: immediately seat a Select Committee on Religious Ideals and their Consequences and hold hearings on whether Muslims need to be told to abandon their pan-Arab nationalist movement in religious dress, or leave.

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