Monday, November 06, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Behind the call for Rumsfeld's head

That's right: call, singular.

Yesterday, four editorials appeared in the four major intra-service newspapers, calling for Donald Rumsfeld to resign as Secretary of Defense. Those editorials were all alike, however. Now we know why: one and the same man wrote them all--because the Army Times, the Navy Times, the Marine Times, and the Air Force Times are not independently operated semi-official newspapers. The Gannett group, owners/publishers of USA Today, owns and publishes them all--and the editor who wrote those four editorials earned a nasty reputation for writings tantamount to treason thirty-seven years ago. This article has all the sickening details.

Tony Snow brushed it aside as insignificant. In this climate, wherein treasonous publications are still "free," that's perhaps the best he could have done. But at least the President has a Press Secretary who understands the media and how it really works.


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