Sunday, October 30, 2005

Telegraph | News | Prince Charles to plead Islam's cause to Bush

That's right: HRH the Prince of Wales is going to come to this country and actually tell the President that the Western world is entirely too prejudiced against Muslims and don't appreciate the "strength" of Islam.

With all due respect--sir--you could not be more wrong.

First, I could wish that President Bush really understood what needed to be done about Islam, and what Islam really preaches.

And second, HRH clearly does not understand Islam nearly as well as he pretends.

Maybe he can't afford to. Maybe he knows that Muslims are so numerous in his kingdom that they could set up a satrapy for the New Baghdad Caliph any time they wanted to. Or maybe he is simply suffused with what I can only call the "New British Disease." Winston Churchill would be positively shocked--as, very likely, would be HRH's grandfather, King George VI.

Regardless, we must decline HRH's advice and start prosecuting the War of Civilizations that Osama bin Laden--and al-Wahhab before him, and Suleyman the Magnificent before him--started.


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