Saturday, December 31, 2005

Muslim in 'personal attack' on Home Depot

It was a classic terrorist attack, it happened right in this country--and only now do we hear about it. We're blessed that WorldNetDaily picked this up. Why didn't The New York Times pick this up? Because it doesn't fit the profile of Muslims as put-upon minorities in danger of a round-up-of-usual-suspects. Rather, it fits the profile of domestic terrorism.

In detail: a Jordanian, who now has American citizenship, crashed his car into a Home Depot. He then careened to the paint department, where he used his cigarette lighter to start a fire. He then ran along the aisles, sweeping merchandise from the shelves as he ran--no mean feat in a Home Depot, which is laid out and run like a warehouse. Finally he rushed outside, sat on a curb, and waited for police to arrest him. For further details of how he behaved with the police, see the article.

As surely as this entry appears, someone is going to suggest that he is insane (a legal term meaning "too far out of his mental faculties for society to hold him responsible for his actions"). They'll use as their reason his behavior with police, and with reporters whom he invited to visit him in jail, only to refuse to speak. Or they'll probably just say that "only a crazy man would do what he did," which seems to be the liberal answer to any crime--or terrorist act.

Make no mistake: domestic terrorism has come to this country. This incident is only the first. It ought to be enough to prompt the House or the Senate to hold hearings, not on President Bush's conduct of office, but on whether Islam is a political movement that requires its adherents to commit mayhem and treason.


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