Thursday, December 29, 2005

WorldNetDaily: ABC News airs 'female pope' claim

This show, On the Trail of Pope Joan, will air tonight on ABC-TV. I have just overheard the program note for it on the radio--delivered in the breathless tone that is now all too typical of program notes for the news these days.

Now I hold no brief for the Roman Catholic Church. I wouldn't care whether a "passing woman" actually made it to the papacy--or not. But that is because I am a Baptist, and the RCC violates most of my Baptist Distinctives (baptism by total-body immersion, autonomy of the local church, the priesthood of all believers, exactly two offices and ordinances, etc.).

What I do hold a brief for, is historical truth, and the high standard that journalism used to have. If the enemies of the faith have to rely on a theory for which no legitimate historical warrant exists, in order to discredit an authority that a significant number of believing Christians don't even recognize--that's pathetic. And when a mainstream news organ must stoop as low as The National Enquirer to get people to tune in, that's even more pathetic.


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