Thursday, December 01, 2005

WorldNetDaily: Michael Moore denies owning Halliburton!

Is the big fat slob denying what his own tax return clearly shows? He can't get away with that.

For the record, Michael Moore set up a not-for-profit foundation after his famous documentary, Roger and Me (remember the poster of Michael Moore waving a microphone at an empty high-backed swivel chair?), began to draw some serious revenue. Like any smart money manager, he put the money into stocks. So now he says that he never owned a share of stock in his life? Come on, now--he controls that foundation in every respect, and signs the foundation's tax returns. This is nitpicking of the highest (or perhaps the lowest) order.

Furthermore, all that Peter Schweizer (Do As I Say, Not As I Do) ever said was that Michael Moore controlled a foundation that owned stock in Halliburton. That he can establish through documents that are a matter of public record.

Before Mr. Moore's foundational counsel embarrasses himself, both men might want to remember that truth is an absolute defense against any charge of libel, slander, or defamation of character.


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