Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Broadcasting & Cable: The Couric Countdown

At a time like this, I wish I had a technique to put musical-note characters into my text. I can't believe this!

Katie Couric--Katie Couric, that charming bit of fluff that attracts my silly bug-eyed fellow males to NBC every morning (and sorry, guys, but no pictures)--is the subject of a campaign to have her switch over to CBS this spring and take over The CBS Evening News.

That's all we need.

Katie Couric herself has been tossing fuel on the fire, if ever so subtly--because, like Guinevere of legend, she has provoked a bidding war for her services. I commend her for her shrewdness. (See Luke chapter 16.) Frankly, I couldn't care less which executive she manages to jilt with her multi-million-dollar coquetry. But the thought of her doing the news--that is such a recipe for disaster that I start to wonder whether Leslie Moonves has permanently taken leave of his reason.

Then again, I couldn't care less who does the news at CBS--because the mind-set that gave us the Killian Memoranda didn't start--or end--with Dan Rather.


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