Saturday, November 19, 2005

OpinionJournal - Jean Marie Le Pen says, "I told you so!"

And, sadly, The Wall Street Journal isn't happy about it.

A bit of background: The worthies at The Wall Street Journal have always wanted a policy of open borders--completely open, with no identity checks or citizenship requirements. Their attitude is enough to make me wonder whether they look forward to a one-world government that treats all corporations the way Delaware does, and everyone can live everywhere that a job is available, whatever his neighbors think.

And for that reason, they completely miss the point about the French riots.

Now: Jean Marie Le Pen might not think things through the way a man ought to think them through if he really wants to run a country. I say might not because I don't think that The Wall Street Journal is judging him in the best of faith. But even if I grant their premise, I cannot so lightly dismiss Le Pen's premise that Muslim immigrants were never going to assimilate into France.

Sure, France has some problems, beginning with their arrogantly supercilious attitude toward anyone who is not French, and the way they stultified their economy and hardened its arteries. Nevertheless, to assume, as the WSJ does, that what happened in France cannot happen here, or need not happen here, is totally irresponsible. Because even if the French did not scorn all non-French, and deny them opportunities, Muslims would still represent Trouble with a capital T. Why? Because the Koran tells them to make trouble for any country that does not govern itself under Muslim law.

The French cannot go on the way they're going. But neither can we.


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