Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why the Wall Street Journal Doesn't Expect Immigrants to Riot Here

Joel Kotkin makes the typical Wall Street Journal case for their version of a free economy. He says that we don't have immigrant riots, like those taking place in France, because our immigrants have better economic opportunities, for all the complaining that you hear in this country.

As usual, the best way to spin a tale is to build it around a grain of truth. I agree that ours is the freest economy on earth. As annoying as government interference can be, that's nothing compared to the rigid government planning that goes on in France and elsewhere in Europe.

Sadly, however, The Wall Street Journal misses the point. Those immigrants aren't rioting because they're poor. They're rioting because they think Charles the Hammer was unfair to their ancestors at the Battle of Tours, and they want to redeem the land for Islam.

Over here, WorldNetDaily is afraid that we just might get riots here. Islam doesn't worry them in this connection. Their concern is for the movement called "Aztlan".; or "the new Aztec Empire" that Mexican immigrants want to build. Part of their plan is to "reconquer" the American Southwest for Mexico--and Presidente Vicente Fox (as in Crazy As) has never convinced me that he does not want the same thing.

WorldNetDaily is right and The Wall Street Journal is wrong. We deal here with a dangerous trans-national movement. We can count this blessing: it's a remarkably undisciplined movement. If I were the New Baghdad Caliph, I would never order riots in Europe now--and certainly not unless I had sappers and ground troops ready to occupy the capitals and raise green crescent-moon-and-star flags. Timing is everything in war. Yes, I said war. Those undisciplined pups burning cars in the streets of Paris and other French cities don't know how to fight a war effectively. My worry is that the French don't know how to defend themselves, and that "The Base" might indeed have those other assets in place waiting for just such an occasion to strike....


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