Monday, October 31, 2005

WorldNetDaily: The prince and the yawpers

My blog entry on the impending visit by the Prince of Wales is not even a day old, when out comes a syndicated column basically agreeing with me and shedding more light on HRH's disgraceful--and frankly unaccountable--politics. Basically, Doug Powers chides HRH for being hypocritical, peculiarly selective in where he assesses blame, and profoundly ignorant of human nature and the nature of bellicose nation-states. Powers' comparison to World War Two is spot-on and as deadly accurate as were the daylight precision bombers in the early stages of the conflict. Read for yourselves.

For my part, I was thinking of taking the trains into the new WTC station that the Port Authority Trans-Hudson system rebuilt after September 11, just to see the Prince. Now--I don't think so.


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