Friday, November 04, 2005

WorldNetDaily: Hillary unhinged by 'Liberals Under My Bed'?

Some people, it would appear, can't keep their big fat mouths shut at a time when keeping one's mouth shut would be the best policy. Here is Senator Hillary Clinton's spokesman getting into a lather about--a children's book?

I don't care if it is Katherine DeBrecht's Help, Mom! There Are Liberals Under my Bed!. I don't care if that book did have a cartoon in it showing a slightly-off likeness of Hillary demanding that two little girls selling lemonade pay taxes and be subject to government regulation. It's a children's book!

So what happened? Last month, it seems, Hillary's spokesman, Philippe Reines, suggested that a worthy sequel would carry the title "Help, Mom! I Can't Read Because Republicans Have Cut Literacy Programs." Predictably, Ms. DeBrecht commented tartly that Monsieur Philippe just made a silly slam against parents everywhere while trying to discredit her. So what did Monsieur Philippe say next? That her sales were in the cellar. Wrong! Booksellers everywhere reported blockbuster sales--and the publisher is preparing a third printing, this after the book has been out for only six weeks!

As I said: some people should learn to keep their mouths shut.


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