Monday, November 28, 2005

WorldNetDaily: Hannity igniting revolt against left-wing profs

I've been following this on Sean Hannity's radio program for some time. This is the first time that another news outlet of any kind has picked up on this story.

Sean Hannity has said for months, if not years, that students ought to start recording (or, if that is illegal in their State, taking notes on) some of the outrageous statements that their professors make in class, and then turn over the tapes or notes to Sean, who promised to play the tapes or read the notes on the air. Blame Ward Churchill for that. He's the Colorado University professor (and probable plagiarist) who has said that America should be wiped off the map, and that those who died in the World Trade Center collapse deserved what they got.

The latest outrage was when an adjunct professor at Warren County (NJ) Community College had the bad sense to write, in a piece of angry spam to a student event organizer, that "real freedom will only come when the soldiers turn their guns on their superiors," and other similar pleasantries. The student shared that e-mail with Sean, who hit the ceiling of his studio and brought upon the school just the kind of publicity that college trustees do not want. Ultimately that adjunct professor had to resign or face getting fired at an emergency meeting of the Board of Trustees.

So obviously Sean Hannity has three motives to act:

  1. He is outraged at the behavior of professors who are, in some cases, holding students' grades hostage to the professors' own beliefs, not to mention saying things in and out of class that are tantamount to treason. I share his outrage.
  2. He enhances the value of the Sean Hannity brand by doing what some might call perpetrating a counter-outrage--a common-enough publicity device.
  3. He now has a record of one complete success, and this has made him bold.
Publicity has always been the last resort of people who observe that institutions will not hold their own people accountable as they should. The Bible provides clear authority for this (Matthew 18:15-17). So I say: Go to it, Sean. In this stunt, we see tha latest revival of muckraking, which has either passed out of fashion or else become wrongfully selective in the mainstream media. This is why a Sean Hannity, and a Rush Limbaugh, are necessary.

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