Sunday, January 22, 2006

John Spencer Blasts Hillary Clinton's 'Mullah Moo-lah'

A very serious charge, to be sure. And before you ask, "John who?" John Spencer is the favorite Republican challenger to Hillary in her bid to stay in the US Senate for six more years (or maybe just for two more, but that's another topic). And by "Mullah Moo-lah" Mr. Spencer means campaign cash from groups in this country with too-close ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran--and more particularly to that country's crazy President who thinks he's paving the way for the return-to-life and accession-to-power of a five-year-old kid who allegedly presided over his father's funeral and then vanished into another dimension at Allah's kind invitation, waiting until March of 2007 to come back and lead Allah's armies.

Read the article--both of them--for yourselves. John Spencer knows what he's talking about. The information on the Shi'a Mahdi comes from the Wikipedia.


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