Monday, January 23, 2006 > News > State -- Teacher pleads not guilty to sex with 15-year-old

This is only the latest in a string of cases, too numerous to count, involving adults--mostly women and usually women in their twenties--crossing the boundary that all adults must respect between themselves and any children in their charge.

Behold the logical result of the sexualization of children, and the creation of a "youth culture" devoted to sex. Inevitably the Humbert Humberts began to prey upon impressionable Lolitas. Then, following the feminists' advice, the older women started taking advantage of the younger boys. (And that is so easy. Boys will generally welcome any such liaison as a "score" in the game of life, not realizing how warped they are until years later. And when I think of how Mickey Rooney gave this subject such a light-hearted treatment in his movie, Andy Hardy Gets Spring Fever...!)

So now add sexual sin to the latest harms that a kid can face in school. All the more reason to send your kids to a Christian school, or home-school them.


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