Monday, January 23, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Teacher 'humiliates' student for wearing Broncos jersey

I've heard of teachers forcing the captive audiences that are their classes to accept their political opinions or face downgrading of homework and test scores. But this is the limit. The teacher is a fan of one particular football team, and when a student walks in to take a test, wearing the jersey of another team, he
  1. makes that student sit on the floor, and then
  2. makes all the other students throw paper wads at him, or they will lose points on the test!
Things were a lot simpler when I went to school: boys were simply not allowed to wear semi-turtleneck shirts and football jerseys. Everyone understood that. It was in the Student Handbook. And no teacher ever enforced discipline with that kind of selectivity.

When called on it, the teacher said that he was joking around. Sorry, teacher, but no teacher does a thing like this even as a joke.

The boy's mother wants him to have another go at the midterm exam. I should think so--and I should also think the teacher involved should consider himself fired. Enforcing discipline is one thing--but creating a discipline problem by your own conduct is quite another.


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