Wednesday, February 01, 2006

BREITBART.COM - CBS' John Roberts Jumps to CNN

And small wonder. First, CBS passed him over for promotion after Dan Rather was eased out of the outfit. Then they insult him further by courting NBC's favorite Power Puff Girl, Katie Couric, to take over the CBS Evening News. Naturally, he jumped to a competitor--and CBS had the bad sense not to wring from him a covenant-not-to-compete. Some insults come back to bite the ones who deliver them. Not even thinking that a man is important enough to negotiate a covenant-not-to-compete is one such insult. Now he'll show them that they would have done better to give him a golden chain.

Or maybe not. I don't watch either network, so what John Roberts does with his time cannot matter to me. But I like to see an arrogant--and shortsighted--employer get back as much--or as little--respect as he pays out to his employees--or his customers--now and again.


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