Sunday, February 26, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Anti-Semitic film cheered with cries of 'Allah is great'

By all accounts Valley of the Wolves is yet another piece of anti-American propaganda, this time with anti-Semitism thrown in for good measure. (How Gary Busey could lower himself to portray an American Jewish doctor who harvests transplant organs from Iraqi insurgent prisoners for sale to rich patients is beyond my comprehension. I thought I'd seen low with Munich and its moral equivalency. But this is the limit.)

Trouble is, Turkish immigrants in Germany ate this film up like--well, like wolves. For that, the authorities declared that such a film should not be shown again, and a major cinema chain finally pulled the film from its movie houses.

I'm going to love to see the American audience reaction. One thing to show American troops crashing a wedding and shooting down the guests. But the Jewish doctor black-market transplant angle will definitely have a few leftist political activists, many of whom happen to be Jews, choosing that day Whom they will serve.

Maybe. Or maybe we'll see just how blind is their hatred of the President and the military.


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