Tuesday, February 21, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Mandatory abortion proposed in Holland

Specifically, an alderwoman in Rotterdam is proposing that drug-addicted girls, mentally handicapped women (and who defines a mental handicap?), and teen-aged mothers belonging to the people indigenous to Aruba and other Dutch-owned islands in the Antillean island chains be subject to forced abortion and contraception in order to control the numbers of "unwanted" children.

Well, if any country in Europe was going to be the first to play with such a grotesque idea, it would have to be The Netherlands. This illustrates two things:

  1. Europe is slowly killing itself by considering children a liability.
  2. This proposal gives the lie to the notion that being pro-abortion is about choice.

Thank God for small blessings: a health-related charity that works with Aruban and Antillean people has reacted quite scathingly toward the proposal. They are doing it on political-correctness grounds--singling out a particular group for prejudicial treatment is not nice. But even they miss the larger point: abortion is murder, and now we see the state about to order the summary execution of its next generation.


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