Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Scientists slam Gore

Now you know that Gore is off-the-wall, when even the environmental scientists say he's wrong.

At issue: Manila, capital of the Philippines, is sinking. Gore flew to Manila and told the world that the rising ocean is about to drown Manila. But then two Filipino scientists say that the real reason why Manila is becoming Venice Pacific is that the residents are taking all the ground water out, and that is causing subsidence. In other words, the oceans are not rising all that much--but the city really is sinking, and that sinking is a local effect.

Typical liberal that he is, Gore always seems to make the most elementary mistakes in his arguments. In this case, he ignores local causes of environmental harm, choosing instead to blame global warming for everything. Which, of course, is an excuse for the socialism he really wants.


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