Monday, February 20, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Cartoon has Jesus, Muhammad kissing

The cartoon ran in a Canadian student newspaper called The Strand. Its editor took time to defend his editorial decision, saying that this was no act of hate.

That cartoon has a number of things wrong with it. First, Jesus would not kiss anyone on the mouth--or if He did, then it would be in the context of a Middle Eastern kiss. Arabs kiss the way Westerners shake hands.

Second, Jesus will judge Muhammad, and quite harshly, at the Great White Throne Judgment, and I don't think that editor or his cartoonist can begin to comprehend that judgment.

Nevertheless, I look at that cartoon and I have to laugh. It's so silly! And the editor's refusal to run the Muhammad cartoons is just as silly--how is anyone supposed to know what the fuss is about? And--get this--he won't publish the original twelve cartoons, but he will publish something that a Muslim might find just as offensive. Not only silly, but downright weird.

But in case anyone's wondering: I do not hate this editor or his cartoonist for doing what they did. Any particular act has to amount to something in order to be hated--and also must not contradict itself. Besides, Christ told us specifically never to return evil for evil, or hatred for hatred--and Paul reminds us sharply that Divine Justice is a matter for God to handle. (Frankly, I'd sooner intercede for those guys anyway--but I must remind them that they need to get their minds right with God. Sin, and its attendant separation from God, are not the sort of thing to mess around with.)


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