Sunday, February 05, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Nurses want self-harmers to be given fresh blades

They "justify" this suggestion by observing that "we provide clean needles for drug addicts, don't we?" Sadly, yes, and we should stop that practice right now.

Hippocrates of Cos made his students swear to "give no deadly preparation to anyone, even if asked, nor suggest such a course." Quite apart from the disgusting nature of this practice called cutting, the facilitation of it violates everything that good health care stands for. Furthermore, it's inconsistent: most of the liberal-dominated professional associations (including, sadly, the AMA) are gun-control advocates, and regularly tout "data" that purport to show that armed citizens are more likely to die early than unarmed (making no distinction, of course, between criminals and self-defenders). And now they want to hand out another sort of weapon? What are they thinking?


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