Tuesday, March 21, 2006

CBNNews-Focus-Ivy League Campuses Experience Spiritual Awakening

I certainly hope that CBN is not engaging in wishful thinking.

One of two things had to happen eventually:

  1. Christians would simply stop applying to Ivy League schools.
  2. Christians would lay aside their fears of ostracism and ridicule, and "witness" to their Ivy League schoolmates anyway.
This article describes Christians who are doing the latter course. They hear the mockery, and perhaps they realize that Paul endured worse (including having a provincial governor tell him that his "book learning" had driven him crazy, and a skeptical puppet king ask him whether he, Paul, really expected to convert the puppet king in one day!).

The article also asserts that more and more Christians are applying to Ivy League schools than ever before. That might reflect the growth of the evangelical movement as such. I'm not sure that one can assert that the Ivy League schools have been going out of their way to recruit evangelicals. I should expect them to do the opposite.

And by the way, when a member of the faculty says that he is a Christian, he has to deal with his own share of men like Marcus Porcius ("Paul, you're crazy!") Festus and Herod ("Almost thou persuadest me") Agrippa II.

Maybe a few pastors are doing something right, to produce people with the stand-up boldness of St. Paul.


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