Friday, March 17, 2006

Gay rights group criticizes Christian conference for allowing 'ex-gay' speaker: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

I quote:
Giving a speaking opportunity to anyone from the ex-gay movement is wrong. It needs to be repudiated at every step, not given a pulpit.
That from Matt Foreman of the Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

All right, just so I have this straight:

  1. Mr. Foreman's opponents are not entitled to freedom of speech.
  2. Those who renounce homosexuality are guilty of an offense tantamount to treason.
Absent these premises, Mr. Foreman's comments make zero sense.

At issue: Alan Chambers, head of Exodus International, is due to speak at the annual Reclaiming America conference. Mr. Foreman seems to think that Mr. Chambers' group promulgates practices that hurt people. Don't believe that for a microsecond. The only people who get hurt when a person renounces homosexuality are people like Mr. Foreman, who "lost another vote to God," like that hilarious pitchman who "lost another loan to DiTech."


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