Wednesday, March 15, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Muslim: I attacked 'out of love for Allah'

Not only that, but Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar quotes the Koran to justify his act.

Now since he tells outright and easily detectable lies about US policy in the Middle East and elsewhere, one might legitimately ask whether he is lying about the Koran as well. Sadly, he is not. I have checked it out. Everything he says about the Koran commanding deeds such as his, is correct.

Don't just take my word, or his, for it. Check it out for yourselves.

Predictably, Ibrahim Hooper of the Council on American-Islamic Relations denies that Mr. Taheri-azar has any basis for his claims:

Islamic scholars have clearly and repeatedly stated that attacks on innocent civilians of any kind are prohibited by Islam and should be repudiated
Tell me this, Mr. Hooper (and aren't you the same man who said that a Muslim flag would be flying over the White House in 2010?): what constitutes an innocent civilian in the Koran? Don't you think I would know that it all depends on what your definition of the words innocent and civilian is?

Hooper goes on:

There are people who have strange views about any number of faiths and they shouldn't be taken as representative of those faiths. The people who kill abortion doctors claim they are doing it in the name of Christianity and we all know it is a distortion of Christian beliefs.
Yes, we do--because I point to my Bible for guidance on this matter. It tells me:
  1. The righting of wrongs is not my business as a Christian. It is God's. "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord; I will repay." Or put another way from the literal Greek: Justice is My affair, says the Lord; I will take care of setting things straight.
  2. Government has its place, and the church has another. Romans 13:1-7 clearly states that governments--institutions of controlled force--serve a God-ordained purpose, and we are not to interfere with it--nor take the civil law into our own hands. (Paul wrote that at a time when the Roman government was downright hostile to Christianity.)
  3. The Kingdom of Heaven is not an earthly kingdom, and we do not fight its battles with earthly weapons.
In sharp (pardon the pun) contrast to these clearly conciliatory words, the Koran clearly commands its followers to be champions of Mohammed's idea of justice, to resist and subvert any government save one that operates under Shari'a law, and to fight a physical war with all who do not believe.

But from a security expert comes the best line in the whole piece:

The only thing that makes this not look like a terrorist act is that he did a lousy job of it.
I'll say. He didn't kill anyone, and at first the headlines implied that his rented SUV acted with a mind of its own--the standard way that the fishwrap media report any accidents involving SUV's. (Hat tip: Rush Limbaugh with his "SUV Updates.") And when he claimed responsibility, he called 911 rather than CNN. But in every other way, this was indeed a terrorist act.

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