Tuesday, March 14, 2006

WorldNetDaily: Explaining Jews, part 4: All the types of Jews

According to Dennis Prager, these include:
  • Non-Jewish Jews: those who, though they have Jewish parentage, do not practice the Jewish religion, neither do they identify in any way with the Jewish community as such. (They don't identify with any other community, either.)
  • Secular Jews: they do identify with the Jewish community but do not practice the Jewish religion at all.
  • Reform Jews: they might as well be secular, for though they claim to be religious, they disclaim the Divine authority of Scripture and suggest that all laws are changeable.
  • Conservative Jews: they believe that rabbis can change religious laws, but that laws were made to be observed.
  • Orthodox Jews: they affirm the Divine authority of Scripture and hold that religious laws are not subject to change. They are some of the most consistent religious observers in all of Jewry.
  • Messianic Jews: these have converted to Christianity but still identify with the Jewish community. You will find them observing the original "feasts" listed in Exodus, and probably the Feast of Lights as well (well, to be fair, Jesus Himself kept the Feast of Lights, also known as the Feast of Dedication.) Their juxtaposition of Passover and Resurrection Day ("Easter") often becomes a very moving experience. (And why not? Jesus was a Passover Lamb for all of us. He said He would be, on the occasion of Passover itself.)
  • Hebrew Christians. They are those, born Jews originally, who converted to Christianity and severed their ties to the Jewish community.
Mr. Prager goes on to state what ought to be obvious: that one cannot speak of "Jewish control" of the media, or international banking, or anything else, because you have many different kinds of Jews, each following their own agenda, and some not even willing to identify themselves as Jews at all.

Mr. Prager also suggests that a religious revival among Jews (or at least, among all the self-identifying types) would best serve the interests of Jews and everyone else in the world. That will happen all right--but it will have to wait until the Tribulation occurs. During that time, the Jews will see the coming of a false hope, called the False Prophet (literally, the Lying Prophet) by John the Revelator. This person will bring to the Jews the most bitter tyranny they have ever faced, or likely will ever face. (Daniel 12:2) Happily, the Hebrew Christians and the Messianic Jews won't be around to see any of that. But everyone else, Jewish and gentile alike, will have to "choose [that] day whom he shall serve."


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