Friday, March 10, 2006

WorldNetDaily: MySpace gets Christian competitor (to which I decline to link) is, of course, the Web hosting service for teen-agers that has gotten a lot of press lately, much of it bad. Indeed the latest article has this to say:
It's the availability of personal information that law enforcement officials warn against, saying teens are disclosing way too much data for their own good.

In just one city, Middletown, Conn., police suspect that in the past few months, seven girls under 16 have been sexually assaulted by men they met on MySpace. In most cases, the men who lured the girls said online they were younger than they really were.

In the face of this ugly fact, a teacher at Calvary Chapel Bible College on Maui decided that teen-agers everywhere needed an alternative.

This alternative is called Ditty Talk. Check it out--it looks much more wholesome than MySpace seems to have been. It's a Christian site, and that mainly means that all content must pass a Christian or Christ-honoring standard. I'm not sure that this means that all content must be Bible-oriented. I do know that it must never be sin-oriented. It is more heavily moderated, and furthermore, the owner encourages accountholders to report violations.

This I can approve of: build a safer space, where no unclean thing may enter in.


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